How to Play Russian Revolution Poker : Buying Royalty Cards in Russian Revolution

Let’s talk about deciding whether if you should
buy another card when you get a royalty card, a king queen or a jack face them up during
Russian Revolution. I have dealt the initial hands for 4 players, for every player there
are 2 cards down and 1 card up. Let’s go ahead and turn over these down cards this player
here is working on actually a flush, 3 clubs it’s a great way to start especially when
you have the ace. This player in his pocket has 2 diamonds and this red nine is wild remember
1917 red, so at this time he has a pair of kings. This player has queen 7 5, not a lot
going on and over to the left we have a little bit of connectivity and a suited 7 4. So let’s
see what happens when a face card comes out either queen king or a jack, face up. If I’m
this player and I caught this king considering that I’m working on the nut flush and it’s
early I would probably go ahead and buy the next card.

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