How to Play Russian Revolution Poker : Playing a Full Hand of Russian Revolution Poker

We left off after fifth street of our last
sample hand of Russian Revolution, we had some exciting action let’s get on with it.
Here comes sixth street it’s a black 7 and then for the next player another red 9. At
this time he has 3 5s up and there’s a black 9 for the next player but with this two red
wild aces he has 3 9s. Finally sixth street for the last player is a red 7 also wild so
he has at this time a pair of aces. Let’s go to the last down card and find out who
is the winner. Look at that, this player caught Rasputin in the hole and he has by virtue
event ace straight, jack 10 9 8 7 very nice. Maybe not enough to win the hand giving actual
we seen, moving to the left.

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