How to Play Russian Revolution Poker : See a Sample Hand of Russian Revolution Poker

Let us try a sample hand of Russian Revolution
we’ll include my little rule the Rasputin rule as well as we will match the pot when
our face cards come up and we want to stay in the hand. So here we go it’s a stud game
everybody is going to ante one and we’re going to play four handed. We go 2 down then 1 up,
look at that a jack comes out and we have to decide whether to match the pot. We’ll
look at our cards well; I guess it’s cheap to match the pot right now so we’ll do it.
The jack gets burnt and another face card comes again we have to decide whether to match
the pot. We are a little crazy and we say why not so instead of 4 we have to put 8 and
now 75% of what’s in the pot is our money and we get an 8.

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