How to Play Salute: a math card game

I’m Mrs. Allan and I’m going to be teaching
you a math game call Salute. You’ll need a few things. You’ll need 3 people. Two of them are going
to be players of the game; one of them is going to be a referee. OK. And you’ll also
be needing a deck of cards. As with most known card games, you have the
value of the card depending on the number that’s seen on the card. So, here, for example,
we have a card that is a 3, so the value of this card is 3. But with Salute, there’s a
little bit more to it, so please watch carefully. The referee is going to need to deal the cards
out to the two players. After the players have been dealt their cards,
the players’s going to take the top card on their deck and without looking at the card
they will salute it to their forehead. So, here our player doesn’t see the card that’s
on their head; and here the player does not see the card that’s on their forehead either
as they’re saluting it to their forehead. But you’ll notice that the referee is able
to see both cards – you’re in the referee’s position – and you’ll notice that they’re
able to see each others’ cards too. The referee will then call out the sum of
their cards- keeping in mind the value of each card. We have two black cards here, so
they will both be positive values and here the referee would call out 8, because 8 is
the sum of 2 plus 6 or 6 plus 2. Now, as the referee I would call out 8 and
their goal is to be able to call out their own card first. So, if I say 8 and the bear
here is able to call out 2 knowing that Penguin has 6 so it takes 2 more to get to 8, then
that means that the bear would get both the penguin’s card and the bear’s card and keep
them in their deck. The goal is to be able to get all the cards
and to take all the cards away from the other player. Let’s try one more. The sum is 1. I have negative eight (-8). The bear is correct, the bear has -8 so the
bear does get both of the cards. Your turn. Take a look. You saluted each other
and we can see that the penguin’s card is a -5 (negative five). Now as a referee I would call out to you that
the sum of the two cards is positive 5. So, think about it. What would your card be? Take a couple seconds. If you said positive 10, GOOD JOB! That’s
right because positive 10 and a negative 5, when you add them together, you will get a
positive 5. And that’s how you play salute.

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