How to Play Sequence Poker : Learn About Strong Hands in Sequence Poker

Now if you followed along in this series,
you may be asking what is a really good hand in the game of sequence. I going to attempt
to answer that question. We dealt through 5th street and there is nothing highly exciting
going on if you look at the board. There’s a pair of eights over here and thanks to the
way that the game is played, a pair of fives showing but a potential straight flush going.
Well, you know what in the hole on this hand we actually have ace three at this time we
have a straight and it is the second nuts. The higher straight of course would be a six
three of course, we really don’t deal too much with the nuts in this game (a stud game)
because there are no community cards. If we look around at other hands, we’re kind of
worried about this hand and we’re kind of worried about this jack eight eight but there
are two other eights on the board. So we know that our straight here is probably the best
hand going and the two is wild at this time but the three can become wild. So our hand
at this time statistically will not get worse. There is one more up card to come let’s see
how that is played out, a ten of clubs doesn’t help us but the three of hearts over here
does. Because now three’s are wild and we actually have a straight flush we have ace
of diamonds, two of diamonds, three’s are wild, three of diamonds, four of diamonds,
five of diamonds. That is how you take advantage of a very powerful hand in the game of sequence.

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