How to Play Shotgun Poker : More Shotgun Poker Sample Hands

So we’ve had our first betting round in our
sample hand and now it’s time to draw cards. Well, at this point I’m going to need to look
at your hand so I’ll know what you need to draw. You have a pair of sevens and you have
this ace, so hold onto the ace in case a kicker becomes an issue, and discard this jack and
this nine. You say; “Two cards please, Reg”. I give you two cards. And me, I am going to
take two cards myself. And now what we do, is we stack our cards. Because remember, this
is a, this is a test in sales. So that’s your deal right there, all right? Okay, so you’ve
got ace, king of diamonds, you’re going to stack it, such to try to get me to believe
that you have a royal flush. Me, I’m stacking my cards, I am good to go. Now we roll the
first card, you show ace of diamonds, I show eight of spades. We can check our bet, you’re
trying to steal the pot, so you say; “I bet two black chips”. Me, I call. Now we roll
a card, there you are, trying to steal the pot with your ace, king of diamonds. I show
a three of hearts, I’ve got an eight and a three on the table, what am I doing? You figure,
oh, he’s got nothing, I can steal this thing. You bet five black chips. I call. Roll another
card, that’s when reality comes to bear. You show your seven, I show a three, that’s a
pair of threes. And you know I’m realizing at this point I actually rolled my hand a
little bit wrong. But the way that I’ve set mine up is I’m trying to get value out of
my hand. You might take one more stab at the pot, and bet this big chunk of nine black
chips. I’m going to call and it is this point that I would expect that you or I in your
situation would give up and stop stabbing at the pot. And so let’s cut to the showdown
and I’ll show you why I rolled my hand wrong. What I should have done was I should have
shown a four here, so you would really think I had junk. Because you know what I have?
I have three, threes. Three of a kind and you were not going to be able to steal the
pot after I called that last bet. So I take down the pot with three of a kind. That is
how you play Shotgun. Good luck to you.

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