How to Play Shotgun Poker : Shotgun Poker Bad Starting Hands

You know this segment is called bad starting
hands and what I’m going to do is I’m going to submit to you that almost every hand you
get in five card draw is a bad starting hand and all I’ve done is shuffled the deck and
we’re going to deal off hands randomly and I’ll tell you if it’s a good hand or a bad
hand. Well this hand has some drawing potential with straights and flushes but there are no
connected cards. I would say this hand is mediocre at best. This hand mediocre at best
it all over the place. We’ve got all four suits represented. You do have three high
cards you might make something happen. Again mediocre at best we have a double gut straight
draw. We have three cards to a flush. Three cards to a flush is not good. You need to
understand that the point is if I keep going eight out of ten hands would be bad hands.
Remember that.

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