How to Play Shotgun Poker : Shotgun Poker & Five Card Draw

So let’s make sure we know how to play five
card draw. Just so we’re all on the same playing field. If you will. First there’s an ante
at my house the antes one red chip and there you go and then we’re playing two player.
I deal five cards to you and five cards to me and then we each look at our hands and
access them. Sense I was the dealer the action is on you. You have the option to check or
bet. Let’s say you like your hand it does have a pair of tens and you bet. You say two
red chips and I look at my hand. I have a hand I can play with. You’ll see it later.
I call you select the number of cards that you want to draw. You tell me it’s three I
give you three cards. I’m going to take three myself. Three cards for me there’s another
betting round. You can also check. You check I check time for the showdown. We read them
and weep. You show your pair of tens. I show a ace high which means I am going to throw
it in the muck and you win the pot. That’s five card draw.

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