How to Play Shotgun Poker : Shotgun Poker Good Starting Hands

It’s good to make sure that we know, what
are good starting hands, for a game like Shotgun, so let’s talk about that. Shotgun at its heart,
is Five Card Draw, and so if it’s a good hand in Five Card Draw, it’s a good hand in Shotgun.
The bottom hand here, is a pair of Jacks, with a high kicker, so you’re going to take
these two junk cards, and trade those in, and hope to catch another King, or another
Jack. If you could showdown two pair, two high pair, you’d be in great shape. Secondly,
here’s a hand that draws very nicely. It is ten, nine, eight, seven of clubs. If you ever
catch this, you might have trouble not giving away a tell, but this hand can catch clubs.
It could catch a Jack of Clubs, or a six of clubs, and give you a straight flush, and
it can also catch the other Jacks, or the other sixes, and give you a straight, so it’s
a great hand to draw with, and after all, this is Five Card Draw.

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