How to Play Shotgun Poker : Shotgun Poker Sample Hand

Let’s play a sample hand of Shotgun and make
sure we know what’s going on. I’ve set this up to be played two player, you against me,
heads up as we say in poker. Again, there’s an ante, at my house, it’s one red chip. And
I’ve given you five cards and I take five cards myself, and now there’s a betting round,
you’re going to look at your hand and decide if you want to bet. I’m going to show you
and not me, for the time being, and you say wow, I really like this. You say that to yourself,
I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s a really great hand, and you say; “Reg, I bet three
red chips”. I look at my hand, I’m not going to show you and I say “You know what?, I chose
call”. And that’s that. And then we have the draw and we’ll pick up with that in the next

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