How to Play Spit in the Ocean Poker : A Good Starting Hand in Spit in the Ocean Poker

You know, with Spit in the Ocean, from the
get go, you have a made hand. A made hand is a pair or better. Since everyone gets a
wild card, after the initial deal, from the very start of the hand you have a made hand.
Therefore, you don’t want to be looking to play pairs. Let’s look at hands that are good.
Now, it’s important to note that with the typical rules for Spit in the Ocean, the initial
hands, starting hands, will all already have the wild card in them when you look at them
because, the initial deal includes dealing to the wild card. But, we’re going to look
at the hands sans wild card, if you will, so that we can discuss them. This is a good
hand for Spit in the Ocean (Q, J, 10, 9). It’s what’s called an open ended straight
draw, but considering that you’re about to get a wild card, the fact that its open ended
doesn’t matter. It is, in fact, an automatic straight. No matter what the wild card is
that comes, whether it completes a straight or not, since its wild it will always give
you a straight to the King.

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