How to Play Spit in the Ocean Poker : What Kind of Hand to Showdown in Spit in the Ocean Poker

Spit in the Ocean has some known information,
some available information, about what your opponent is holding in that you know that
they have a wild card just like you do. Most of the information about your opponent’s cards
is unknown. That’s why you have to be able to read opponents and, you know, you get use
to how they play after a number of hands and you get a read on them for what they have.
Educated guess, if you will. At these times you may have sort of a so, so hand, but you
might want to show it down. Here are some guidelines on hands to go ahead and call and
see a showdown with. You want to forget about pairs. You want to show down a high three
of a kind. (King, King, 8, 7) Remember, this is the wild card, so it’s three Kings. You
wouldn’t want to showdown three 3’s. Also (Queen, Jack, 7, 3, all spades), we have a
high flush. With this wild card we have a flush to the Ace. But, we want to make sure
that the cards that go along with it are high cards because, at least one high card. Because
if we had, say, 7, 6, and then a 3, and then an 8, we’d be worried about losing to a better
flush. Be very worried about that. Then, lastly, I’d say go to the Showdown with pretty much
any full house. Unless you’re playing with people that you know are extremely tight unless
they have a boss hand, as we like to say. So, even 5’s full over 3’s would be acceptable
to go to the Showdown with. Just remember, don’t go to the Showdown with pairs. Don’t
go to the Showdown with low three of a kind, and don’t go there when you have a low flush.

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