How to Play Texas Holdem Poker : Chips, Cards & Positions in Texas Holdem

Whereas in complete information comes with
experience, understanding these three elements in Texas Hold?em can be done just watching
these videos. Now the three elements are chips, cards and your position at the table. In this
book by Arnold Snyder, The Poker Tournament Formula, he calls them instead of chips, cards
and position, he calls them rock, paper, scissors. And just like in the schoolyard game, rock
beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock. Now, what that means in real Texas
Hold?em play is that before the flop, this person in a 3-handed game will act first.
He has the least amount of information and he has no money in. I’m the small blind, the
person to my left of me is the big blind. I’ve put out half of the big blind, he’s put
out the big blind. This person just has the dealer button in front of him. He has no money
yet invested in the pot, but he’s kind of a brute and he figures that we’re weak players
so in a 3-handed game, he decides he’s going to bet three times the big blind. And he puts
out his chips. He puts out rock.

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