How to Play Texas Holdem Poker : Early Position in Texas Holdem Poker

Now, let’s look at position in Texas Holdem.
Lets consider how we play our cards with respect to position. Now, what I’ve laid out, is basically
a scaled model of a nine person poker table. See here, this is early position, because
over here is the dealer button. Small blind is here. Big blind is here. This position
is what’s called under the gun for the first to act. I look down at my cards, Jack Ten.
Well, you know, maybe if I was on the dealer button, and nobody could come into the pot,
I would play these. As it is, I’m first to act, and there are eight people left to act
behind me, so I’m going to fold this hand right into muck. Next to act, known sometimes
as under the gun plus one. I look down at my cards, a pair of queens. You know, a pair
of queens should be played strong from just about any position at the table. Second to
act, it’s good to put in a raise with a pair of queens. Next position, look at that, bullets
a pair of aces. From any position at the table, bet this strong. If you’ve got aces, kings,
queens or ace king, play it strong from an early position. Anything else, throw it away.
That’s how you play early position.

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