How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners : How to Deal a Game of Texas Hold’em

Hi my name Ernie Crespo with Expert Village
and today I’m going to teach you the fundamentals of Texas holdem. In this section I”m going
to teach you about dealing a Texas holdem game. As I mentioned in the earlier step there
is a dealer button. If I’m in the home game and I’m playing with four other individual
players and I’m the dealer I’m always going to start with dealing to the left. The first
person to the left gets the first card, the second person to the left gets the second
card. The third player gets the third card, the fourth player gets the fourth card and
then I would deal myself. This is denoted by a five person game notice that the next
card goes immediately to the left followed in suit to the third player, then the fourth
player and I, the dealer gets the last card. Cards are then placed on the floor then all
players look at their cards. After you’ve dealt two cards to each player the next move
as the dealer is to burn the first card off the top of the deck. That card is considered
a dead card and no player is allowed to see it. You immediately then will flip over three
cards in a row, these three cards are considered the flop. Again there is a round of betting,
if there is no round of betting, or if the betting is complete you then proceed to the
next fourth card. The first card if you’re dealing in this part is you also, you once
again will burn off the top of the deck, you always make sure the card is facing downward
so that no employee gets an advantage and sees the card. That card is also dead. The
next immediate card off the top of the deck is considered your turn card, here as denoted
by our seven of diamonds. Once again all the action begins to the left of the dealer button.
The little blind will be the first to act, followed by the big blind and so forth. After
the action is all completed on the turn card the next top card once again is burned. Face
down it’s burned to the side. The next available card off the top of the deck becomes your
last and final card also known as the river card. The deck is placed on top of the burned
cards and slid to the left. Now action once again becomes to the left of the dealer button.
Little blind, big blind and the rest of the action. Finally completing all action by the
dealer button who has the last action of the game.

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