How to Play Texas Holdem Poker : Position Nuance in Texas Holdem Poker

Now here’s a little new odds with position
before the flop the dealer is actually in middle position, you can argue that. The small
blind and big blind are in late position. Here’s something to think about let’s say
the dealer raises in an unraise pot. He goes up to three times the big blind now it’s an
upraised pot, he’s the dealer maybe he’s a little steal happy. He can be going after
the blind and it wouldn’t matter what he has. All I have is a small blind and see king jack
suited, it’s okay. You can play it from this position but remember on late position now
I’m going to be early position in a second. But let’s say I go ahead and call now I’m over in the big blind, last to act
before the flop. Late position before the flop I look at my cards king queen, playable
three handed with just one raise. I decide I’ll see the flop don’t ever get to crazy
to a king queen if there’s a raise ahead of you. Unless someone is just a maniac you’ll
know they’ll probably have you beat. So three hands are in pot is right as we say, deal
one card into the muck, deal the flop, king queen six. Unfortunately I just hit top pair
but I’m force to act I have to be very careful here. I can be what’s known as out kick as
it happens I ant so note: where as the small blind is late position before the flop they
are force to act out after the flop. I’m in position to get myself in a lot of trouble,
be careful play the small blind and the big blind with care.

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2 thoughts on “How to Play Texas Holdem Poker : Position Nuance in Texas Holdem Poker

  1. If you consider just the hands and not the flop, yes, KQ outkicks KJ…..the fact that the kicker made two pair is a moot issue, Q outkicks J no matter what… if you're worried about your KJ one of the things to consider when you're looking at a flop like KQx is if he DOES have you outkicked he might already have made his two pair.

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