How to Play Texas Holdem Poker – The 2nd Round of Betting

After this what we’ll do is we’ll now draw three cards out and this is called the flop, where the dealer will in a real game, burn a card. Just drop a card there. And then three more cards are drawn to the table. Now you with your two cards here are going to be matching up, seeing how strong a poker hand you can produce here. This is called a flop and again the
betting will open up again, to the left of the
dealer. Whoever is the player left in hand to left the dealer shall we say the first to act. Little bit
differently to the first round here because there’s no compulsory betting
already out there you can at this stage do something that we
haven’t talked about which is called checking. Checking is when there’s no
action, but you don’t wanna commit any money at this stage to the pot but you don’t want to get out of the pot either. So you can just check and move the action
around to the next player so you might go check, check maybe perhaps the third player here, he wants to bet into the action, we’re in a 5-10 game so the minimum bet
here would be 10, so we’ll have this player here maybe very very confidently betting 200 chips. Getting a bit of action going in the game. The betting then moves round again in that
clockwise action to the next player who’s here. He’s now got those three
options we talked about before where he can fold, he can call, or he can raise, just like in the first
round of betting. In this example then we’ll have the player calling the bet, the third player here he’s then got the same three options. He can
match that 200, he can raise to 400 or more. Or he can think well my cards aren’t quite good enough, I’ve seen the flop, I haven’t got a strong enough hand. So in this example let’s have a third
player folding his cards and he’s out of the hand. So we’ve just got the two
players remaining all the bets are equal, so again at the end the of that round of betting call the flop and the pot is building up nicely.

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