How To Play Texas Holdem

Hey guys, this is Goku and today we are gonna
be talking about how to play no limit texas You will be shown a single hand
of NL Texas Hold’em played out all the way and then at the end I will also show you an alternative ending of the
same hand so lets get right into it. first thing we look at is where the dealer
button is, in this case it is on Frieza right next to the dealer we have the small blind
position, which is occupied by Cell, and after that we have the big blind and in
this particular hand it is on Picollo. These 2 positions are the only positions that
have to put bets in before they recieve their cards The small blind is usually equal to half of the big blind and the big blind is equal
to the minimum bet. So in our case the Small Blind puts in a 100
to the pot and the Big Blind puts 200 As soon as the blinds are posted, dealer begins
to deal the cards starting with the small blind After everyone has recieved their cards the action starts on the player that is after
the big blind It is Gohan. Gohan has 3 options: he may call
the big blind, raise any amount from 2 big blinds to all his chips at the table, or fold.
Gohan doesn’t like his hand and decides to fold.
The action then moves to Vegeta, who decides to call the big blind so he puts 200 to the
pot. Next in line is Chi-chi, who thinks for a
second and then puts in a raise to 600 The action again moves clockwise to Frieza
who now has to call 600 if he wants to play, he may also re-raise to any amount but the
minimal raise must be at least the amount of the previous raise,
so in this case the minimal re-raise would be 600+400=1000. But Frieza decides to fold
his hand. So do Cell and Picollo.
The action is now back at Vegeta and he decides to call Chi-Chi’s raise.
The pre-flop betting round is now complete and the dealer collects all the bets to the
pot and deals the flop, three face-up community cards The flop is Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts and Ten of Spades. These are the cards that all the players use
to form their five-card poker hand. The action on the flop starts with the player
that is clockwise closest to the dealer button. In our case it is Vegeta and he again has
3 options: he may check, bet any amount from the minimum bet which is the big blind to
all his chips, or he may fold. Remember never to fold when the pot has not been raised before
you. You can always fold later, if someone does raise after you, but if they don’t you
will see a free card, or maybe even two so keep that in mind.
Okay back to our example, Vegeta decides to check.
The action is now on Chi-chi, who bets 500. Vegeta doesn’t want to fold or raise, so he
decides to call the 500. The flop betting round is now complete, dealer
collects the bets to the pot and deals the turn, which is the 4th face-up community card.
It is the 9 of spades. Vegeta checks and Chi-chi checks as well.
The turn betting round is now complete and the dealer deals the last community card,
the river. It is the 5 of clubs.
Vegeta bets 500 and Chi-chi quickly raises to 1500.
Vegeta calls. Dealer collects the bets to the pot and we
have a showdown. Chi-chi shows her hand first, because Vegeta called her raise. She has Ace
of clubs and Jack of spades. The best hand she can make out of her two cards and 5 community
cards is three of a kind, 3 aces with J and T and that is her poker hand.
Vegeta has king and queen of spades and the best 5card poker hand he can make is a flush,
AKQT9 of spades. Flush beats three of a kind and so Vegeta
wins the hand and all the chips in the pot. So as you can see if you have the better hand
at showdown, you win. But the beauty of no limit texas hold’em is
that you can also win when you don’t have the best hand
Lets look at a different scenario, the hand plays out the same all the way up to the river,
but now when Vegeta bets 500, Chi-Chi raises him to 6500.
Vegeta thinks long about it but eventually decides to fold.
And now there is no showdown, Chi-Chi wins the pot and she doesn’t even
have to show her hand. So in texas hold’em you can win the hand by
having the best hand at showdown or you can win it by forcing your opponent to fold. Okay so in this lesson you have learned how the game is played, you know that there two positions that have to put bets in before they receive their cards, and these are the Small Blind and the Big Blind and these 2 positions that are are right next to the dealer button and that the
dealer button moves clockwise to next player after every single hand.
You know that there are 4 betting rounds, preflop, flop, turn and river and the hand
can end on any of these as long as there is only one player in the hand and everyone else
has folded their cards You know that a raise must be at least the
amount of the previous raise and also that there is no limit to the amount you can raise
other than the total of chips you have at the table.
And lastly you have learned that the hands are compared only on showdown and that you
do not have to have the best hand to win if you make your opponents fold earlier. thank you so much for watching and congratulations! you are now one step closer to becoming an awesome poker player if you enjoyed this lesson, please share it with your friends, click the like button and subscribe for more future videos you should know that it is very important that you put the knowledge you have acquired into practice this course will teach you all you need to know in order to beat the small stakes games, but you gotta practice you have to get comfortable playing poker, you have to learn these fundamentals by heart. I cannot stress that enough, you will only get better if you practice, even 15 mintues a day will do wonders for your game in the long term so have fun playing and I wish you all good luck! See you in the next lesson!

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