How to Play Three-Card Poker : Folding Your Hand in Three Card Poker

Hello my name is Taylor Honkofsky and on behalf
of Expert, we’re talking about 3 card poker, in this particular situation
we’re talking about when to fold your hand. You got your ante set up, you got your pair
plus set up, you received your cards, ah man you only have jack high, remember we need
queen high to qualify, so you don’t even qualify. In this situation you don’t want to place
a bet here because if you do place a bet here most likely your going to wind up loosing
that bet and you know let’s see what happens. Yup right there you’ve already lost the dealer
does has a flush, so you know if you place that bet you’ve would of lost that bet so
if you would of folded you would of just lost your ante, your pair plus was already lost
cause you didn’t have anything, cause you just would of lost your ante, instead of your
ante, and your bet. So this way you know you can just throw away your cards before you
even see the dealers cards that way you don’t lose your bet as well. But if you know like
I said if you did play you would of lost 3 bets and you would of lost more money so this
way you don’t loose as much money so there are times that you got to say man again you
got to kick it in, so that was an unfortunate event but it happens its part of the game,
and thank you for watching.

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