How to Play Three-Card Poker : Three Card Poker One Pair

Hi my name is Taylor Honkofsky and on behalf
of Expert we’re talking about 3 card poker today and we’re going to do is
talk about it one pair which is one specific type of hand, ok you have your ante, you got
your pair plus, and you look at your 3 cards, and you see right that you have a pair of
kings. And the dealer has his 3 cards and your going to place your bet because a pair
kings is a very good hand to have and you see the dealer also has a pair of kings so
your thinking now what are we going to do, cause everybody has a pair of kings, were
going to the 3rd card since you have a queen, and the dealer has a 5, you are the winner,
so your going to win your ante, your going to win your bet, and your also going to win
your pair plus because you do have a pair of kings. And we’ll talk about the amount
you just won a little bit later. Thank you for watching.

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