How to Play Three-Card Poker : Three Card Poker Pair Plus Hands

And on behalf of Expert I’m here
to talk about 3 card poker and in the situation we’re going to talk about the odds of each
hand. Now I have several hands laid out here, like we are playing 3 card poker so just kind
of look at me in increments of 3, we’re going to start over here this is a pair of deuces
with a ten kicker, and this is the pair plus this is pertaining to the pair plus. Let’s
say you have a dollar on the pair plus and you have a pair in your hand, your going to
get paid even money so your going to make a dollar. So they’re going to pay you a dollar
and this is just for the pair, we’re going to the next one which is a flush and on the
flush your going to get paid for to 1, so if you have a dollar you get paid $4. Moving
on to the next one this is a straight, 7, 8, 9 in this section you got a straight your
going to get paid 6 to 1 on that, so if you put a dollar up, your going to get paid $6
on your dollar. This is three of a kind, we have three aces here, three any of the same
card, you know this is where you start making some good money here, if you put a dollar
up, your going to get paid 30 to 1 on that. So you make 30 bucks on that dollar. This
is where you really get this is a straight flush, three cards same suit in a row, that
is 40 to 1, so if you got paid a dollar you got 40 bucks, if you get a little fistey start
putting a little bit more money you can make some serious money if you get a straight flush
but it is very rare occurrence that your going to get a straight flush or even a straight.
That is why they pay 40, 30 to 1, so these are all the pair plus hands. Thank you for

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4 thoughts on “How to Play Three-Card Poker : Three Card Poker Pair Plus Hands

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