How to Play Three-Card Poker : Uping the Ante in Three Card Poker

Hi my name is Taylor Honkofsky and I’m here
on behalf of Expert to tell you a little bit more about 3 card poker and how
the ante works. When you sit down at your table and you got your chips and we’re ready
to go you’re going to go ahead and place your ante up. Now this is important when you need
to do before you sit down at the table is there’s a, there’s going to be a sign on the
table, you need to look at that sign and see what the minium bet is. Every table has minimum
bet, so if you sit down make sure you know what that minimum bet is, so you don’t you
know you don’t look like your know what your doing. Once you’ve placed your minimum bet
which is probably the best idea for the first time, since you know your just sitting down
you don’t want to go crazy and put all your money in just put that minimum bet in your
ante and that will get you to recieve, you have to put the ante in to receive your first
3 cards, once you put that ante in you will receive your first 3 cards, thank you for

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