How to Play Z Poker : How to Decipher What Your Best Hand is in Z Poker

So we are using the top three hands for this
hand, a king ten nine and a nine and this jack can play. So that is what we got there.
Let’s go to this guy and see what he got, he has a lot of high cards, we’re going to
take the best three cards from this hand and use it for what it’s allowed on the board.
Here we actually can make a straight. I think we can, we can use the nine, the jack from the board
and then the king queen and the ten from this hand. So right now the best hand going is
a straight, looking at this hand remember we also have to consider low hands. The first
guy didn’t have a low hand, this person actually can catch a low hand which is good cause he
only has a pair of jacks for his hand. So he’s in the running with low hand with the
five three and the deuce, he might take half of the pot. This last player well he only
has a pair of threes that he can play and he has the low hand but it’s not good as the
other one. So what we have is this person takes the high half of the pot with a straight
and this player takes the low half with a low hand, eight five three deuce ace.

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