How to Play Z Poker : How to Play Z Poker

There is a little known but very fun poker
variant called Z, it has it’s own little thing going on. Since I add the cape that poker
should be fun let’s talk about Z. It has community cards some community card games that we know
so well are the Texas Holdem’, Omaha, Crazy Pineapple and it has a different number of
community cards than say holdem’. Where holdem’ has 5 community cards this game has 4 an it
has it’s own little unique way that you can use the community cards. So there are some
new things involved with this little game called Z and I don’t think you are really
going to see it in a casino ever but you might find that it’s a lot of fun for you and your
friends to play in your home game, let’s look now at Z.

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