How to STEAL a playing card from the deck! – Sleight of Hand Tutorial

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100 thoughts on “How to STEAL a playing card from the deck! – Sleight of Hand Tutorial

  1. Chris Ramsay I love your channel I think your the best magician out there but you cuss in your videos and I don't think that's what you need to do it's not cool and its not nice you could say like dang not dam it would mean a lot if you would stop doing that and say that you will stop I bet you will get more subscribers if you stop cussing okay think about it 🙁

  2. Hey Chris, I would like to buy a brick of your 1st cards, but I don´t have a PayPal account, only a credit card. Is there any way to get them though?

  3. Hey there Chris! Awesome tutorial and I've enjoyed it just like any other clip of yours. But I would like to know what the intro song you used is called and what kind of genre it belongs to?
    If anyone else knows, feel free to answer – much appreciated!

  4. I've been trying this out, but I cant figure out how to make it silent. Do I just need to build up strength or is there a special technique?

  5. just tried this technique the 1st time, no noise at all, it's really stealthy, and yes, at first, your fingers can't really get used to the movement, but after 5 times or more, it started to feel less and less defficult, great technique, Chris, really appreciate it tha you shared this with us 🙂

    I just Combine this move with The Joker Catch & it looked AWESOME!!!

  6. I am currently just getting into card tricks and am currently waiting on a deck that i bought to get shipped. The cards i got are the "ravn purple haze" I found your channel and your love for cards and you've been a huge inspiration to me to take a life long interest and actually do something with it. My story goes a bit deeper but it's too personal for public eyes. So I've been watching your videos and subbed to your channel and i hope to learn a lot from you. I was just curious if you'd be willing to do a review on the cards i purchased, I'd love to have a professional review from you on the ravn purple haze. Thank you so much for your videos and igniting a passion and outlet for myself. Keep the videos coming and I'll keep watching. Thank you so much for sharing true magic, the ability to make someone else smile, a moment of true joy. You sir are real magic, thank you so much again.

  7. I’m practicing my moves with some bicycle cards so I’ll be a pro when the 1st deck comes out 🙂 ordered 2 decks

  8. I like a lot of your bits Chris and I appreciate you haven't the time to cater for every request that people ask but the real problem with vt on YouTube is that your getting the preferred or best angle every time which simply isn't a true or accurate reflection. Not saying this is yours but The top view is bloody ridiculous unless ya audience is 8ft tall, which simply isn't a real perspective look at an angle of people sitting at a table with magician standing. A majority of these vts are a nonsense and not a true reflection of the audience perspective.

  9. I also stumbled upon this about 6 months ago while practicing some cardistry and it makes me super happy to see someone else see the potential in it too, I was using it for a one handed cop, I hadn't thought of stealing it with the other hand so thank you for putting this up! Excellent tutorial Chris!

  10. Hey Chris you should do a video on your top 3 or 5 non gimmick street magic tricks. I'm trying to find a way to string some tricks together and I am somewhat at a loss for certain things and ways to continue or hide gimmicks cards. I think it would be really cool if you showed some tricks or a routine

  11. you said that you created other effects with this slight, like a color change. Could you teach them in the future or at least go over them quickly?

  12. I bought ‘clepto’ a while back and practiced this move thousands and thousands of times – I’m pretty sure it’s how I developed carpal tunnel – so good!

  13. Hey Chris I still making that noice with the cards still and I've been practicing forever and still can't get it how can I improve it

  14. I really could't get any movement with my ring finger at first, I found out it helps if you press the card down first, instead of upwards.

  15. I LIKEed this video, but I wish I could hit the LOVE button on your puzzle videos. Anyway….#RamFam…cause you asked.

  16. can anyone help me with this trick, i cant seem to grab the card with my finger, my finger just slides over the card without moving it

  17. I remember seeing this move on my first lecture (Murphy's magic), and being SUPER obsessed with it, my knuckles were raw.
    I've since stopped practicing it, but it's a fun little slight, I may return to it someday.
    Good luck to anyone learning this and happen to see this comment!

  18. Dude…. i love your style. You not only have mad skills and are willing to share them with people interested enough to watch, but you also communicate your tutorials extremely well. Its obvious that its not just some way for you to show off yous skills but a sincere way to share a beautiful craft that used to take a lifetime to develope . (unless your dad was a magician or some shit). But most of all your attitude is magnificent. you always give mad props to developers or super skilled youngsters that most guys at your level dont take seriously. being humble when youre badass is also kind of magical i guess in some way. definitley a rare quality not often found. I enjoy watching you perform and you have taught me much. I dig what you are doing and how you roll so much im interested in your clothing too. I would like to see whats available so i can rock your CR brand and even look cool when i amaze people. Keep it up

  19. WOW what an awesome move, Chris! I was watching Alex Pandrea's Card to Pocket routine, and I think this makes a viable option for stealing the card, since I am having such a hard time with the DPS. I got this basic technique down within minutes, now come the days of practice to make it silent and invisible. THANKS SO MUCH!

  20. As a newb, I’m wondering what everyone does to add more friction between the back of your finger and the card? I have the motion down pretty well (I play piano and guitar, so this motion came pretty easily), but find the cards slip a lot if I don’t breathe on my finger first to put a bit of humidity on there. Any other way to do this?

  21. Right on my brother!
    Fuk yeah!
    Thanx again😉
    Btw for reference is there a name for this sleight? In my notes documented in my personal arsenal, a hav a reference with this video link, and since U use Ur ring finger to load and U cop (cock) it into Ur other ring finger, therefore Its like loaded and cocked ready to fire, So just in my notes I hav referenced this move as the “COCKRING” RAM STEAL. Idk lol
    Anyway thanx bro

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