How to THROW a playing card BEHIND your back! – Beginner Tutorial

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100 thoughts on “How to THROW a playing card BEHIND your back! – Beginner Tutorial

  1. Ok so I have a huge question so he said 15 days does that mean they end at October 15 at 11:59 or October 14 11:59 because I get payed the 15th

  2. heyy chris. really liked all your vids. and I really like you card collection. its hard to search for a casino quality card here in malaysia like yours man.

  3. The instagram account of blocks playing cards just randomly liked one of my pictures once… Probably as advertisement but still strange since the picture had nothing to do with magic…

  4. My hands are shaking when performing a trick, can you give me some tips to avoid it ? Thanks in advance 😊

  5. Got that same problem with looking at monitor and recording and then you forget to listen your feeling and muscle memory.

  6. Hi Chris (and person scrolling through the comments), I was trying this for the first time and was hoping for some advice. When ever I try to flick it up I can't seem to clear the deck, it just goes up the deck and back down, not over and not even spinning. This became more evident the less cards I had in my hand, so I was wondering whether this was a problem with the amount of cards, the angle of the throw, the position of my fingers, or it may just be my hand muscle needs more work. All suggestions and advice are much appreciated! 

  7. I love that deck and your pass looks amazing I wish you could teach me how to improve my pass more I have Xavier's pass and I watched your video on the pass pulse I practice all the time but yours looks so amazing! Your videos give me motivation to keep on pushing to become better thank you for all you do!! #ramfam all day!

  8. there have been a lot of hideous things that have happened in the world but no matter what happens we always stand up together to all of the evil in the world.

  9. Love the cards…was all set to order two decks…YOU ONLY TAKE PAYPAL? Now I have to wait till I can put money in there bro…but I will heh!

  10. As a resident of Vegas, thank you for the kind words. Even those of us not directly part of what happened have been affected emotionally.

  11. I can now toss a card in front of me, though, as stated, catching it is a monster. I've only been able to toss one behind my back. Flicking the wrist reminds me of doing a wrist spot on hockey.

    The more spin you get on the card definitely helps control it better.

    The inverted umbrella card catcher isn't a bad idea.

  12. Here's my public comment. Rick "Lacks" is a douche lol. Sorry Chris, but I just had an exchange with that tool, and felt like venting in a public place. Aside from that, GREAT channel brother. Love how you keep it fresh. Lastly, big prayers to the victims in LV.

  13. Could you teach the flip where you flip the card out of the middle? I've figured out a way of doing it and have no idea if it's right or if there's an easier/better way! Haha

  14. Hey Chris I made up a new phone “magic trick” Only works on IOS11 unlock your phone swipe down to bring down notifications clear notifications ask someone to use there finger print to “unlock” the phone and boom you will get it once you see it:) like this so he sees it

  15. Hey Chris I would love to buy 1st playing cards but they are £20 including shipping to the UK add on the inevitable £15 for import charges from FedEx and we're looking at £35 for a single deck as someone who doesn't have much money is there possibly a way to lower cost of shipping? ellusionist e-shipping was 9 dollars now bumped up to 15 dollars recently no idea why but at least I know I won't be charged extortionate rates from importing what is essentially paper linen and ink I hope in the future you can sort this out
    Thanks and keep up the awesome content

  16. Hey Chris. I wanted to talk about your cards. While they haven't had a design that resonated with me the most, they still have grown on me more and more. But, I really felt that what you do with magic and youtube and stuff is great and unique and so I wanted to support you in any way I can. And so, I think that your deck is something worth supporting and I suppose investing in. So yeah, I went ahead and got 2 bricks. Really hope it helps and may you never stop being you. Good luck and thank you.

  17. Hey Chris, my name is Mike, I'm a paramedic in Vegas that was one of the first to respond to the shooting. I just wanted to say thank you for what you do!! The following days have been tough for not only myself but my EMS family out here and your videos that you put out really help make the week little bit better. I can't wait to pick up 1st playing cards in a few days. Thank you for everything that you do, sometimes hero's need their own as well. And you are a hero in your own way! Tanks for everything and all the hard work that you do!!!

  18. Amazing tutorial

    And hope your deck process for 1st playing cards Is a huge success

    Thank you for always being there for the magic community you are appreciated

  19. Loved the video…as always.

    I have a request, sir.
    Please make a video for people with small hands… like some words of advice, tips and tricks, and in general your comments on the situation/complaint.

  20. I had a go and haven’t picked up a deck of cards in years! I found adding a bit of pressure with your forefinger or middle finger once the card is pushed out with the thumb, it lets you use the finger to spin off, also helped it jump further and straighter. Not sure if anyone else found this??

  21. I know I am way late in posting, but if you get this, please give a shout out to Henderson Hospital. My friends there helped a vast majority of the victims, and held every hand from entry to discharge. We are going to be feeling this for a long time sadly. There have been a lot of outdoor venues canceled. It is a game changer.

  22. The problem with catching is that I clasp the cards too hard, and the cards might bend… I have this problem with the top shot and the hot shot cut. Well, not anymore with the top shot because the cardd just sticks to my palm and I don't have to grab them any more, but I can't do that with this move…

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