How To VANISH a Playing Card from the Deck!! – Self Working Card Trick

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100 thoughts on “How To VANISH a Playing Card from the Deck!! – Self Working Card Trick

  1. This effect is good because I can get more use out of some extra gaff cards I have from a packet trick.

  2. What do you think of the virtuoso fw17 cards if you have not tried them I’ll send the ones I’m using now for you to try if you want I think they are ok but I want to know what you think

  3. Best part is that the vanish happens so fast. It also stops people that thinks it is a duplicate since the card vanishes from the deck. Very cool

  4. i have an idea. get a bunch of high caliber magicians and colab on a book. go analog, go old school. im sure you know, books are a dying medium, but itd be hella sick. charge like 100-200 bucks for it. i would buy it.

  5. tried this this morning and the card was in a altoids box across the table… mint box, meets toibox, meets youtube… mind blown…

  6. Hey Chris you should apply you code breaking skills to this podcast

  7. Hey Chris Ramsey, I don't know if riddles and puzzles are the same but I just wanted to recommend a website for you to check out. The name of the game is called "notpron", it is a website made by David Münnich and it includes many riddles one harder than the other. It would be amazing if you could check out the website, it includes downloading stuff, altering the URL and anything you can change within the website. I have tried it for myself, and I found it very challenging, so hopefully you see my comment and check it out. Thanks!

  8. Lmao I remember when I first did this and I said "Sorry, someones calling me." and I pull the card out of my pocket like im pulling out my phone.

  9. First I'm sending you some powerful Healing Vibes! Hope you feel better soon. Great trick & a Great Lesson. The Effect on your audience is the only thing that matters, not how easy or hard it is to do. Sometimes that is a hard thing to remember, I am guilty of it.

  10. I actually performed this trick and honestly, everything worked so well, my Spectator (my brother in this case) was VERY sceptical about that, and the reveal on the wall behind me just blew his mind. It was so funny 😂

  11. Can you show the easyist flourish to do cause i cant tell if my hands ate to small i am weak i just cant hold the cards

  12. Something to add a nice touch to this:

    Start with a small setup on top of deck in this order:

    Regular card
    Indifferent card
    Gaffed card

    Double lift to show the indifferent card, and then place the regular card down on a table. Ask the spectator to trap the card with something, like a water bottle (this is a barrier of misdirection). While they are doing this, you swing cut to prep for a riffle force but you catch a pinky break below the indifferent card and above the gaff card. Boom do the vanish and you can end with a nice transposition or location effect where the card that was trapped changes into the card that vanished.

    Been playing around with this sharpie gaff, it's awesome and saves a lot of trouble for the risk of flashing palming off cards at an angle or a suspicious move. Also serves as a good opener. Thank you Alex & Chris!

  13. Clever trick Alex Pandrea!

    I just don't perform set up-ish trick hehe. Thanks for this Chris!
    Notice me please! I've been a follower since idunno haha 😃
    5 days no internet hays.

  14. Thank you so much Alex for teaching this. Practiced it for awhile and performed it for the the first time tonight for family. It totally floored them. Granted it was family, but it's family that I know for sure would call me out…lol. Instead of the card in pocket though, I had the card in wallet.

  15. I use this trick all the time, but i like making the card appear across the room or in someone’s hood. Not just in my pocket.

  16. What if the person says stop on a card far away from the queen? Isnt it gonna be very obvious when you show them a card in tge middle of the deck when they said stoo near the beginning or end?

  17. I had this exact idea yesterday, except I was trying to change a spade into a club. The other difference is the permanent marker, I was trying to use a dry erase marker in order to wipe it off with my thumb, changing the suite back. Didn't work, maybe I'll try it this way though, thanks for sharing… 🙂

  18. yo was taught the trick at like 11 or probally younger, but u relearned me. i just got a svengali deck amd shit we used to have one my grandma bought from a casino its funny guess still make same packaging as 20 years ago with all 4 of diamonds bc the saying would b you must b out 4 diamonds girl

  19. Sorry old chap but you really gave it away when you started looking at all the Queens before he told you what card you had forced on him. I can get a freely selected signed card into my pocket or wallet so that I find is a waste of a gimmick.

  20. Every day the morning manager has the night manager check the money in a lock box in the safe. I riffle forced my night manager and left the dupe in the box. Her mind was blown.

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