How to Win at Blackjack : How to Split in Blackjack

Hi! My name is Carlos Ramos Jr. and I’m coming
to you on behalf of Expert Village and today we’re talking about the game of blackjack.
Now we’ve just gone over some of the options you can do with your hand, the most previous
one was doubling down. Another option is called splitting, now you can only split if you have
two of the same numbers and in this case we have two 2’s. What you have to do is, you
tell the dealer I want to split this and what that dealer’s going to do, is he’s going to
take these or she’s going to take these two numbers and she’s going to separate them like
so, okay. Then they’ll deal two cards to both cards, just as they were to different entities
and now you can play these cards separately, these hands separately. So if you want to
hit here, you signal hit, you want a hit here again, signal here you want to stand it’s
done. Doubling your chances of winning or doubling your chances of losing, be careful
when you’re splitting, again and we’ll go over when to split, when the best opportunity
is to split and when are the best options and things of that nature. So that’s the split.

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