How To Win At Blackjack – Learn The Secrets Of How To Win At Blackjack

how to win at blackjack letterman’s vince and the author of the
black jack said the software i’m just going to go through the
software with you to uh… tell you how it works um… so will get started your we are at
the bet three sixty five casino this software how to win at blackjack this is what the social psych one you
for start-up you got five has to choose from um… horseplay had one and she had three
times a worse comes to show you one hand uh… you can’t drag these j_d_’s uh… hands across because
sometimes the casinos played it for our clockwise fashion so and one that should be on the
right-hand side and said that the left but i’ll just put it back to where it
was how to win at blackjack quick so uh… over here we have assert
button and that’s can start the the cards we have an undue burden in
case you screw up uh… it happens over here we have it more or less fun know what this does
isn’t opens and closes the advance options and over here in our advanced options we
have uh… a base wager so that’s what you would starter wagering i senator
dollar five dollars whatever you want to do we have a progressive betting we have
card counting how to win at blackjack of course card counting allows us to you
count cards um… in an online to see you typically card counts doesn’t really
do anything but if you find a good life dealer casino that you wanna play that
uh… there’s lots of live dealer only casinos i think that three sixty five has one
actually uh… you can turn on the card counting
their days in a tax so deducted psyche decks for the card counting to properly
adjust for it how to win at blackjack okay and i’m natalie added the just wager so that so that it will automatically change
your wagers to what the count of the cards is gates we have women become right now its
default is fifteen but i’ve got a set of three of the stuff put it down to one
just just for fun because killing innocent worst time limit is the amount
of time you’ll spend at an online casino before blackjack separate so she quit
that also is with uh… the women of this world if u wind exmouth times blackjack center will
take a quick so hop here we have always on top which
makes the blackjack safer software stay how to win at blackjack on top of the casino consulate fluttered
often click two call consulate falls behind sulfide turn on a cruise consul stays
above undo there’s undue again we have some casinos you can play a help of some
help items here um… about black six acres what what by
sex in prison instructions will take you to the website instruction sections anfal resort will restart the blackjack
sniper causal and exit will leave so let’s just play had show it opera
star tells me to wager hit deal dot select a
dealer show karte how to win at blackjack is well devote wager the snow wager here the one uh… elite deal and it will lead me down some cards the
wages shel card is the seven that showing so and then it goes enter your first
card for and one which is a nine enter your second card which is a six it will tell me to hit and i’ll give it to it tells me to spend so i’ll stand so we have a push so now i have to you entered the diva scorecard which would
be the nine and then i had to do is next good which
is the case how to win at blackjack bucks exeter restart after it started
with stan so new game wager hit deal that’s like usual
currency thing happens again delay ten four in on that chemistry tells a stand so we do and the dealer wins corsica twenty
they’re gonna win right so fills it with your too which i will one too how to win at blackjack so the dealer shows a queen uh… the two and clean to tell me to hit six for eighteen stand on that and the dealer busts to for and that’s it snuffs is you’ve won enough take a break
as reason was that that’s the one once among women it’s up to one of course if
you have a higher will let’s play longer that’s blackjack safer um… it’s a
great pieces offered us five hands uh… he can win a lot of money really
fast so uh… debby debby debby dot but
exeter dot com will see you at the how to win at blackjack tables

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