How to Win at Blackjack : Tips for Playing Online Blackjack

Hi! My name is Carlos Ramos Jr. coming to
you on behalf of Expert Village and today we’re talking about the game of blackjack.
Now we’ve gone over the basic rules, some techniques, even how to get into a casino
and playing it on a land casino, diving right in playing live. You can also play online,
there’s literally hundreds of online casinos that you can go to to play. These casinos
are no different than land casinos, the rules are exactly the same, okay. The only things
is once you find a repeatable site or a site that you’d like to play in, you’ll probably
have to register your name, your address, your information so you can purchase chips
from them digitally, electronically and that requires you giving them a credit card or
setting up some type of account. Go through the site, find out what their rules are for
joining their site and their casino and then once you get that going, just log in, you
sign in and you play it the exact same way that you played it in the other way. Good

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