How to win at poker

Hello, everybody! We’re going to play a game of poker today, and I’m going to use my mental powers of persuasion to make you pick the losing hand. So what I’ve got here are ten cards, which is just enough for two hands of poker. We can give them a shuffle if you want. I’ve got no fancy shuffles, so something like that. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to deal out two cards at a time. And you’re going to have a free choice to pick your own hand. So let me deal out the first two cards. There’s one, and there’s two. Now I’m going to ask you to pick a card. I’m going to have to play this part for you, so let’s say you pick this card. OK, so you’ve got the queen, and I’ll take the remaining card. OK, let’s deal out two more cards. Again, you’ve got a completely free choice. You can pick any card you want to. Any card you want. Let’s say you pick this card. OK, you’ve got a seven. I’ll take the remaining card. Let’s deal out two more cards again. You can pick any card you want to– the card on the left, the card on the right– whichever card you want. Let’s say you pick this card. OK, that’s another seven for you. I’ll take the remaining card. OK, to make it easier for you, this time, I’m going to deal out the two cards face up. So there we go–two cards, face up. You can pick any card you want to. Well, let’s say you pick the seven. There you go! You’ve got three sevens now. Now, to make it really easy for you, I’m going to deal out the remaining cards one at a time. Let’s see. Do you want that card, or don’t you? Maybe you want to take that card away from me. I do have a king over here. So let’s say you take that card, and I’ll take the remaining card. So there we go. I’ve dealt out the ten cards. You had free choice to pick your own poker hand, and you ended up with three sevens. Let’s have a look at what I had. I ended up with a full house. Now, the way to win this game is whoever has the queen has the losing hand, and I forced the queen on you, and I wasn’t particularly subtle when I did it. So I forced the queen on you, and you will lose. You see, if you notice, in these ten cards, we have three aces, three kings, three sevens, and the lonely queen. Now, the best you can do with the queen is to have three of a kind, in which case, I will have a full house. On the other hand, if you had something else, like like two pairs, I’m going to have three of a kind, and I’m going to win again. If you had, say, one pair, I’m going to have two pairs. and again, I’m going to win. So whoever has the queen has the losing hand. If you find some way to force the queen on your opponent, you’re going to win, and you can give them a completely free choice after that point. And that’s how you do it! So, if you have been, thanks for watching.

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93 thoughts on “How to win at poker

  1. My shuffle to put the queen on top of the deck was quite unsubtle. The queen was on the bottom, I moved the cards about and then put the queen on top.

    How to force the queen: Put two cards down, one of which is the queen, and ask them to pick a card. If they pick the queen that is their card, and you continue the trick allowing the volunteer to pick their cards. If they don't pick the queen then they have picked your card, and you can continue the trick with the volunteer picking your cards.

  2. you can use mind control too. or you can put the queen noticeably closer to the person and they will likely pick that card

  3. Man, I thought I had you beat on this one. It is possible that the Queen hand gets two pair while the "winning" hand gets 3 of a kind.

    I thought two pair beat three of a kind, but I was wrong. Rats!

  4. ohhhh, so this would involve rigging the deck..? i'm always up for that… :p really cool concept, actually.

  5. Oh dang at the start when he said pick the one on the left or the one on the right. I CHOOSE the right one damn it.

  6. Well I was thinking more along the lines of if he put out a flop after he gave you the 5 cards. But since he doesn't I guess taking the 3 of a kind is the better move.

  7. i dont see how would u force me to take the quinn? in video u choose it as u know where it is but normally i would pick up so i have choice how than u force me????

  8. @kromaggo2pl if they pick the card that isnt the queen you say youll take the card they picked and then they get the remaining card.

  9. take 10 cards , in example : 666,777,jjj,A
    tgen do first pair A6 or A7 or AJ ;D you can show him both cards… so its 100% that almost everybody will choose A

  10. You're a very literal young chap. Lighten up, it's only a trick. I didn't slap you in the face. Give us a smile, go on πŸ™‚

  11. @andrijagrgic you can see good videos of cool tricks (this one included) searching scamschool (search for "Win Poker Games Every Time With This Secret Cheat" posted by revision3 . Whats good with his vids is that he always shows the trick whithout revealing so that you can try, and not manage, to find out how he did it before he gives you the answer in the second part of the video

  12. @prepkiller69

    It's obvious, guy. If you pick the non-queen he gives it to himself and gives you the queen. He then does the trick the rest of the way where you are picking his card. You pick but he decides what it means.

  13. @elizze6

    You determine what pointing at a card means. If he points at the queen you give it to him and you take the other. If he points at the non-queen card you say that is your card and you give him the queen. No matter what he does he winds up with the queen. You set up the deck in the first place make a few false shuffles and bingo you win!

  14. @m4dn3s59595

    A bunch of false shuffles. You just have to make sure the first 10 cards stay on top. Force the queen by determining what pointing at it means and you win every time.

  15. This is all very interesting, but I have never played a hand of poker where the dealer allows me to pick my cards.
    This may work for 10 cards, but the odds of knowing the cards that you don't see are 52:1 for each card.
    You are not showing anything about winning at poker. All you are doing is showing probabilities for a set of 10 with 3 sub sets.
    No offense dude but this doesn't have anything to do with winning at poker.

  16. At the point where you said I would want to take the K form you, I was assuming this would work with a full deck, and I would have taken the chance at a Q or a 7 from the deck rather then stopping your pair(or hidden trips/quads). Maybe that is just me tho I like taking risks in card games

  17. Hm… at a 3.125% chance, he actually picked every single card that I picked! I know that wasn't the point of the video, but chances are that it would happen to someone.. I feel special πŸ˜€

  18. Goddamned queen. That bitch is always screwing my shit up. She needs to get her ass back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

  19. I even remember seeing Derren Brown do this, I was quite surprised as I assumed he prefered more psychologically based effects.

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  22. You could also show them the first 2 cards face up. If it was a Queen and a Seven almost everybody would choose the Queen.

  23. Special case and you knew the deck while I didn't. Good job. The choices made were reasonable assuming the cards were ten random cards drawn off the top of a standard deck, and you didn't say otherwise until the end. Nothing clever.

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  25. What a lovely way to learn how to count cards.
    Or that anybody who can't would have a hard time playing professional poker, lol.
    Cheers Dr. G

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