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So we are back with another casino dlc video but obviously the cusine is quite old but I have come across two ways to Almost a hundred percent guarantee you get the car now song There’s one of them that is more difficult than they have one but the more difficult one in my opinion makes so you get the car a little bit more precise, so Annoyingly and not so annoyingly. We’ve got this random guy who decided to come along and spit the wheel for us now He did him No extra power your little power walk by the looks of it and he got something completely random and he got the money and as you can see the car is Almost quarter of the way around the wheel I won’t now he has done this we have to now wait and go into another Lobby. So Good good fun. Great cool so here we have a fresh wheel as you can see it is two spaces to the left and yeah, basically all you have to do here is go up to the wheel and when it appears go one two three, and then just spin the wheel and It should land on the car. Now. Sometimes it does do this and lands one away or one per side. So that’s just even more amazing great fun So what one thing you can do is you can just go into a private lobby. And what the fuck? The fuck out of my shot you stupid bitch Hey, you can’t go into a private lobby into this and private lobbies confirm you get a fresh wheel, but it’s more fun doing it in a public call because then you can just go off straight away after you’ve spun it out on the Cup. So with this method it’s a little bit harder. You just get your stick from eleven and then spin it till seven All right, well if that happens it doesn’t matter because actually if that happens most time then Yeah, basically you get the stick spinning from 11:00 till 7:00. And sometimes you do go off the wheel So basically, this is 12 This is 6 if you don’t really understand it You basically point your stick at 11 and spin it till 7 and it should work But with this case here, I just got on it straight away Capital One and just spun it straight from eleven until six now obviously you do if the whole to stick all the way down and Spin it like a normal clock as you can see I have one but this can only work you could only spin it with one second if You have failed and you’re you’ve spun it but your guys just come off it off the wheel. Yes, sir Fail that about three or four times and then you will probably win the car most of time So as you can see, I’ve got the text message. I got all of that so you can see it’s Fair. It’s actually how you win the Cup but one thing that can happen is You as you can see, I’m just gonna show it again This is the exact same effort wait four seconds and then spinning it. This is what happens when you do succeed So either usually with this one you overshoot it So just try and put a little bit of less power on don’t look slam it down because you will completely Overshoot it. So if this video did help you in any way I’ve been playing this for a while and I had rushed it So sorry if a little bit confusing if you did struggle with it, it’s good on to the comments I’m pretty fast replying so you’ll get some help there But anyways, if you enjoyed leave a like subscribe comment before I know the casinos old, but oh well Everyone loves free stuff. So they’ve like subscribe for more GTA 5 content and Hopefully I’ll see you guys in another video that’s plenty more to watch take it You

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100 thoughts on “How to win the casino car every time | GTA 5 online

  1. Been trying for over a fucking hour now. At this point i feel like giving up and just buying the Krieger with my money

  2. Brooo come on I try since 2 weeks to get a vehicle and now I STILL DONT GET THESE FR***CKING Super sport car I WANT IT Nothing NOTHING SINCE 2 WEEKS ! AND NOW I still try to get this car for 3 days !

  3. can someone help me i landed on the car adn had to go so i didnt get to select the garage so i came back and there was nothing i checked my garage and mors mutual so did i lose the car or does any1 know how to get it back?

  4. Please help i won the car but my Game crashed when i left the wheel and now i dont know how to claim it

  5. At this point I've watched countless videos on this and there all fake so I'm just gonna spin it as fast as I can bcos that seems to give me luck usually


    Btw if you fail gettin it reset the game as fast as you can after spinnin

    Edit #3 : I GOT IT!!!

  7. Won the car tonight never got a text, jobs showed up on the left hand side as I was picking what garage I wanted to store the car in and then they options disappeared, I have no car nowhere to be seen not in any garage I'm raging will never go near the stupid casino again just got ripped off

  8. I just spam spin the wheel and when I don’t win it I go into a new lobby quickly, it doesn’t save so it thinks I haven’t spun it and I just spin and spin and spin

  9. Do u know the know wanted level glitch I just want to tell everyone if u r not subscribed to why not pls do he has great content

  10. I win the car but i don’t know where i can find it my garage is full and i actually seld some cars but i don’t find the casino car plz help

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