Hudsons, Wheel and Hellions Playing Card Deck Reviews

In this episode we take a good look at part
of my Black Friday Playing Cards haul, including looks at a couple of decks specifically released
for the post-thanksgiving sale rush. We also announce the winner of the voyager
playing cards. All that, coming up next… [Music] Legend has is it that the term ‘black friday’
got its name because it marked the day most retailers yearly sales quotas went from a
deficit, or in the red, to being profitable, or in the black. Now a days we just know it as a crazy day
where people line up outside stores in the middle of the night and trample each other
over TVs. I prefer to participate from home whenever
possible–which is easy enough to say when you’re shopping for playing cards and not
TVs. Anway, that’s brings us to right now. Several playing card retailers and manufacturers
announced several new releases in the lead up to Black Friday and well, I couldn’t
resist. (Hey babe, you mind going in the other room
for a second?) So let’s see, I managed to snag the David
Blaine’s Gold Split Spades, and the Dan & Dave/Anyone Worldwide Smoke collaboration. Both of those will be getting the longer review
treatment soon. But in this episode we are going to look at
three decks that on the surface fit the all in black vibe quite well; the Black Hudsons
from Theory 11, the black Wheel deck from DKNG and Art of Play, and the latest black-boxed
Red Hellions from ellusionist. Welcome back to the go-to channel for the
playing cards enthusiasts, I’m the Gentleman Wake. If you are new here we hope the episode we
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sure to hit that notification bell be alerted every time I post a new video. Before we get into it, you definitely want
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what product, playing cards related or not, you’d love to see get the gentleman wake
review treatment. First up, these are the black Hudsons from
theory 11. This black colorway version of the deck, the
second iteration of the Hudsons, was specifically created for the Black Friday event release. The deck comes in an attractive charcoal gray
tuck box with gold foil and glossy black accents. The design of the tuck box is a stand out
feature of most Theory 11 releases and this one is no different. I reviewed the original green version of the
Hudson deck in detail on this channel a few months ago and a lot of what I said in that
review applies here. Just astonishing detail when it comes to tuck
case and back design. It’s one of my more recent favorites from
Theory 11 but if you’ve ever watched a Theory 11 deck review from yours truly you know there’s
one area where I just wish they’d go a bit further. The back design of the black hudsons again
features some really nice architecturally inspired artwork this time in thin black linework
rather than the mint green of the previous edition. Truth be told, never was there a more perfect
time to make a deck duo-tone than this. A black field with gold metallic ink against
a white poker border was the way to go here. And AGAIN it’s a missed opportunity. We know they’ve done it before–as evidence
with the citizens deck–it’s just an odd non-choice. The faces are standard, with recolored metallic
ink standard bicycle courts. The ace is of course nicely embellished. The deck handles great as expected from the
USPCC. It’s modern cut, air-cushioned finish. This version has slightly thicker stock than
the green version did which could help durability. Great for gameplay and magic, but a bit non-descript
in the monochromatic black and white motiff for cardistry. The black hudson deck is still available at Coming up a look at the DKNG black wheel deck,
don’t go anywhere. Welcome back, let’s take a look at another
black friday recolored release, this time from Art of play. I previously reviewed the entire line of Wheel
playing cards, red, blue and green, on this channel and it’s safe to say that I really
liked the DKNG designed modernized interpretation of the standard bicycle deck. So I was quickly intrigued by the black on
black treatment of the tuck case of this new version. The black wheel playing cards come in a matte
black premium quality paper stock tuck case embossed with black glossy ink. The design is identical to previous Wheel
decks down to the sugar skulls and shared-wheel bicycle back design. The black on black is a sleek combination
that is definitely subtle, almost stealthy, from a distance looking like a plain black
box. The only spot of color comes from the red
and gold foil seal that holds the tuck flap in place. Pulling the deck from the box reveals the
black colorway back design, again identical to previous versions with exception of color. The backs are subtly one-way thanks in part
to the four pips in each corner. These are completely custom cards. Pips, indices, placement and courts are all
magnificently done. This black version also uses the two shades
of gold metallic ink found in the blue and red editions. The pips are two toned and uniquely shaped
and placed. The same brilliantly designed borderless court
cards of previous versions can be found here as well, They are all reminiscent of bicycle
standard courts down to poses and implements but obviously stylistically modernized. This deck feels amazing. Thin crushed stock, traditionally cut, air-cushioned
finish. The high contrast thick black lines make for
unique fans and flourishes in a way that the Hudson decks faint thin linework did not. Included in the deck are a pair of metallic
skull jokers, a art of play/dkng ad card, and an additional card meant to act as a replacement
for another should a card in the deck be lost or damaged. All in all a great deck for just about any
purpose with a fantastically sleek looking tuck case. All four colorways of the Wheel deck, including
the black one, are still available for purchase at But, if you want a chance to win a black wheel
deck directly from me be sure to stay tuned for details. Coming up my first look at a deck by Daniel
Madison, the relatively new red Hellions by Ellusionist. Stay right here. Daniel Madison has amassed quite a following,
both online and in real life. With his brash and bold sensibilities and
his bad boy flair, there’s a lot of fertile ground to choose from when it comes to playing
card deck design. Perhaps some of Daniel’s most well known
decks, designed in collaboration with Oban Jones, when Daniel was still working at ellusionist,
was his confessions series. The Martyrs, Sinners, Saints and Hellions
decks. The Hellions has proven to be the most popular,
and this red version represents the fourth iteration of the deck. The tuck box for the Hellions deck include
several atypical choices. For one thing the box is printed with the
tuck flap seemingly upside down, on the bottom of the deck. Additionally what is traditionally considered
the front of the tuck is in this case the back. The tuck case is primarily black with the
title in red embossed lettering. There’s a blind embossed serpent’s or
devil’s tail that makes up the principle design element on the tuck case. The sides are white and feature embossed type
that reads “Don’t play cards with the devil.” The card back design is represented on the
back with some minor variations for instance the bottom reads “Open to forfeit all”
and there are a couple of symbols that read Daniel Madison and another that says Oban
Jones on it. The entire design here on the tuck box is
embossed. The card backs feature a slew of intricate
details. For one thing there are devils in each of
the four corners. They hold tridents at a downward 45 degree
angle, stabbing through the Madison logo. Which here takes on an iron wrought appearance. There are flames spewing up behind the logo. Several arcane symbols adorn the center of
the card backs promising a connection to the occult. There is of course the double x’s in the
center. To each side, there are small circles depicting
pyramids and triangles with the copy “As above so below” on one symbol and Madison’s
personal mantra ‘Magic is dead’ on another. The back design is rife with complex detail
and Madison himself goes into the inspirations for some of the choices–citing inspiration
from David Blaine’s gatorbacks. You can watch the video linked above to hear
it from the horses mouth so-to-speak. He also talks about the inclusion of some
of his friends on the deck’s court cards, we’ll see those in a second. Included with the deck are two jokers. One features a faustian contract for relinquishing
one’s soul to a ‘soul taker’. Madison’s autograph below identifies him
as the soul taker which leaves a blank space for his victim. The second joker, a black crow’s feather
sitting in an ink well filled with a red liquid–that from context we imagine to be blood–cause
after all how else would you sign a contact to sell your soul? There are two gaff cards included as well,
a double backer which features the unmodified back design on one side and on the other an
image of the devil’s clawed hand on the other. Incidentally the hand is covered in tattoos
that make it look very much like Madison’s hand. Also included is a ace of clubs three of hearts
split card designed specifically for a Tony Chung effect. The pips are relatively standard although
the pips for the diamonds and hearts are outlined in black. The size of the spot cards pips and their
placement is also slightly shrunken from what we’ve come to know as standard. The power ace in this deck is the Ace of Diamonds,
which includes a nicely illustrated image of another devil and echoes the copy found
on the sides of the tuck box. The court cards are unique. Most appear strongly rooted in bicycle standard
courts which some modifications. For one thing roughly half of the court cards
feature standard figures with closed eyes–as if dead or dying. The other half feature some friends and colleagues
of Madison’s. Mark Carl Bruce is the King of Clubs. The Deck’s designer, Oban Jones, is the
King of Spades–there’s also a hidden 9 of spades reveal on the rain guard of the
sword. Oban Jones’ wife is the queen of spades. Rapper Sage Francis appears on the king of
hearts–it’s also a one way design, featuring the typical sword in one orientation and a
microphone and red devil horns in the other. Madison himself is immortalized on the king
of diamonds. Also one way, he has a card reveal–the 9
of clubs–on one outstretched hand. The deck is printed by Cartamundi on the touted
b9 true linen finish. The same stock and finish as seen on the Copag310’s
I previously reviewed in depth on this channel. That means this deck is a little thicker than
your standard bicycle deck but it handles nicely regardless. The deck is modern cut but faros well in both
directions. The cards flourish and fan nicely and are
perfect for gameplay and magic of course. The red Hellions deck is still available at, as are the other decks in Madison’s confessions series. Before we go, congrats to orangemoney52 for
winning the voyager playing cards giveaway, contact me via instagram to claim your prize. For a chance to win a black wheel deck here’s
what you have to do. 1. Like this video. 2. Be a subscriber to this channel. And 3. In a comment below tell me which is your favorite
black-themed deck in your collection. Also don’t forget to comment below as to
which product–deck related or not–you’d like to see me review. Special thanks to my Patreon producers for
their contributions. And thank you for watching! Please be sure to click subscribe if you haven’t
already and click down here to watch another video. Coming next time, the National Playing Card
Collection Day decks. I’ve been the Gentleman Wake, see you again

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