HUGE Pot Alert! Can Pocket Tens Escape Esfandiari’s Set? | S5 E28 Poker Night in America

– From Playground
Poker Club in Kahnawake, Quebec,
is Poker Night in
America. (upbeat music) What’s up, guys? Welcome to Poker Night
Presents, Party Poker
Live at The Playground Poker
Club in Montreal. I’m not Chris Hanson,
nor am I Joe
Stapleton, I am Doug Polk. Who let the Dougs
out? UNC Wilmington did,
because I did not
graduate, but look who’s
laughing now. I’m on your (bleep)
TV, dad. This is a quick look
at the stacks we’ve got coming in
for today, three people buying in
for 100,000, three people buying in
for 200,000, some deep stack poker
begins right now. Our blind structure
be the same as
yesterday, one hundred, two hundred
dollar blinds with a 300 dollar
on only the big
blind. Right out of the gate
here, Roberts looks
down a pack of tens,
opening at 1500. We also have Jeff Gross
in the mix today. Good to see another
YouTuber making it in
there. He gets out of the
way, though, and Antonio has
fours and called the
open. (poker players
chattering) Nine, six, four, nice
way to
open the sesh here,
Antonio. (poker players
chattering Now, Roberts checks on
nine, six, four and with an over pair,
she’s clearly
going to be check
calling, (poker players
chattering) but she’s actually
about check raising. Now, Antonio is very
about the way this is
going, but he wants to call
give Roberts a chance to lose more money on
later streaks. The deuce on the turn
like a good card for
Roberts, but in reality it’s a
terrible one. She wisely checks
anyway and now Antonio’s gonna bet
with his set. 17,000 is a healthy
bet, around 2/3 of
the pot, and back over to Roberts
with pocket tens, and this is one of the
problems with fast playing your
over pairs, facing a bet in the
flop, you build a pot that might me a bit
than you’re looking
to play, however you have the
over pair, probably
gonna end up putting a call
and playing some
rivers. (poker players
chattering) And Roberts makes the
call. (poker players
chattering) The jack of diamonds
on the
river could be a
saving grace for Roberts as now, if
Antonio is bluffing with a hand that hid a
jack, she’s beat. Once again, Antonio
one of the best kinds of spots in poker, how
much money should I bet and try
and get paid? Something in the 40 to
range looks about
right, but he is swinging
the fences, 100,000
to go for the rest of
Roberts buy in. Now, what can Roberts
beat? Maybe a hand like 8, 7
a missed straight
draw, maybe a hand like some
door clubs that also
missed, but she also has to
realize that there’s a
possibility that
Antonio has three of
a kind. (poker players
chattering) Chips, please. And the straddle’s
on, Yong straddling to 400 dollars under
the gun. (poker players
chattering) Ace, king for Krpan
opening up at 1500, Roberts probably on a
little bit of tilt with a queen, eight
call here. It can be tough when
you get stacked to try and play
conservative in small
pots, but you have to maintain
that discipline or the flood gates
will open. Jeff Gross getting
the mix, five, four
suited. Why not bump it up? He’s here to play,
see those cards in the
muck, but what he doesn’t
he’s up against Big
Slick. (poker players
chattering) Yong also with pocket
eights in straddle, gonna make
the call. In a previous episode,
we saw Krpan fold ace, king to a three
bet, but here, he’s in there and
looking to play a
flop. Looks like we got a
little pot. Now, how spewy is
Roberts feeling, because this is not a
call three bet hand. (poker players
chattering) Discipline, nice to
see, reels it in, not gonna tilt it
off, I like it. Three solid hands here,
let’s take a flop, (poker players
chattering) and this flop is
action city. Yong flops top set,
Jeff Gross has a double gutter as
well as
a back door flush
draw. It’s such a great
spot to get this hand in Jeff’s
because it looks like he has a hand like
jacks, queens, or
kings. It does not look like
he’s on a draw. Now, Yong decided just
to flat call the flop with his
pocket eights. I think raising or
calling can both be
good. Krpan wisely gets out
of the way and we’re heads up to
the turn. (poker players
chattering) The turn deuce is a
terrible card for
Jeff. He’s now dead against
a full
house, which guess
what? Yong has and this
might make him wanna
bluff. His opponent’s less
likely to have a set when there were two
deuces out there, but Jeff wisely checks
here on the turn. (poker players
chattering) Very conservative
from Jeff, works out
here. I wouldn’t mind seeing a
bet on the turn and get your opponent
fold hands like
nines. That would have been
a gross river for
Jeff had he made the call and
hit a straight. He was a Yong shot to
say the least. Sorry, I apologize,
that was terrible. I need to excuse
we’ll be right back. – Welcome back to Poker
Night Presents, Party Poker Live at
Playground Poker Club
in Montreal. Giddy up, there’s a
straddle on the
felt, and this town isn’t
enough for the both
of ’em. Roberts making it 400
out of
the gun, Antonio
re-straddling to 800, so the stakes
just went up. Extra folds for
Roberts who
bumps it up with ace,
eight. Antonio, without
hesitation takes a flop, got the computer hand,
he’s ready to go. (poker players
chattering) Both players catch a
piece, Roberts flops top pair, Antonio flops
middle pair. I think Roberts
probably should have but the flop and gotten
some value, but it’s okay to every
now and then trap. She’s gotta put her
on the gas now,
though. She’s got a good hand
and if Antonio does have a pair,
gonna give her some
action. So, she bets 3500 and
Antonio doesn’t have much
choice but to call, and so he raises and
I’m not exactly sure what he’s trying
to do here. Is it a bluff, is it
a value bet? I don’t know and
doesn’t know either. She’s clearly going
to call. She’s reaching for
big chips,
does she sense
weakness? She just goes for the
flat call. Now, Antonio has to
know there’s
a good chance he’s
behind. The river is the king
of clubs, which changes things
quite a bit. Tens now are
backdoor flush gets
in. Both players are not
happy with their hand
strength, and it might be a
reasonable opportunity for Antonio to just
turn his hand to a bluff and go
for it. The problem is Roberts
could have some strong hands that
raise pre-flop like kings or an ace
or maybe
even a hand like ace,
ten, so he has to be a
afraid of this
river, but he also has to
his queen is never
good. He loads the gun and
he fires for 21,000 here, a big bet
on the river. He’s saying, “I know you
have the ace and you simply can’t
call.” One of the best
about the way Antonio
plays is he’s aggressive and
he fights for pots. Now, sometimes, that can
be expensive and your opponents
could own you, but in tough spots
like this,
has a way of working
out. (poker players
chattering) Tough spot for
what’s she going to
do? (poker players
chattering) She makes an excellent
call with her ace, Antonio tables the
and Roberts picks him
off right after he just
stacked her for value. (poker players
chattering) Big call and she’s back
on the scoreboard. Another hand straddled
and re-straddled. Yong opening the button
to 3,000 with king seven of
diamonds, certainly a playable hand on the
button. (poker players
chattering) Lauren, Bob Safai
play any hand, he
just has to be dealt in,
not gonna leave you
hangin’. Antonio just a call
here with ace, queen. Wouldn’t mind seeing a
above, but call is
also okay. Jack, ten, three
rainbow. Both players pretty
much brick. Antonio does have a
gutter to the nuts and Yong has a backdoor
flush draw. And that turn heats
things up a bit. Antonio now with the
double gutter and Yong turns a
flush draw
and a straight draw
as well. Yong bets 4,000
here, I
like this play, try
and take the pot down and if
they do
call, you have a lot
of equity. Now, what does
Antonio do? Classic Antonio, coming
in raising, and now Yong has a
interesting decision. He’s getting fairly
good odds to call, almost three to one in
his money, so calling here, just
to try and hit the flush or the
might not be a bad
play. (whistling) I’ll tell you what’s
a bad play,
whistling. We’ve got a pot
brewing. And that is an action
card, the nuts for
Yong on the river, top pair
for Antonio, you couldn’t ask for
more action packed
river. Now, Antonio has gotta
slow down, he’s gotta pump the
breaks a little bit. His opponent can have
hands that beat him. He could have a hand
like jack, eight, or ten, eight, or
eight, eight, so when you have ace,
queen, you gotta slow
down. There’s also the chance
of the flush, although it’s not too
likely. Yong now has to decide
does he think Antonio
has and pick a size that
makes sense against
it. 50,000 is a huge bet,
pot was just 30,000
dollars before this bet, but
Yong knows how stationy
Esfandiari can play. (poker players
chattering) Now, Antonio has a
difficult decision
here. He has top pair, but
his opponent is saying that he
has, pretty
much, a straight or
better. (poker players
chattering) Antonio would prefer
have a diamond in his
hand, so his opponent’s less
likely to have a flush, but he
doesn’t have one. (poker players
chattering) So, now the question
is, does he think Yong is just a
bluffalo or does he think he
woke up with the
goods? Good lay down from
Antonio, he let’s it go versus the 50K bet
where they had it, calls the 50K bet
they’re bluffing, I mean, that’s just
playing good poker. Antonio Esfandiari
the correct decision and relinquishes top
pair top picker. Now, you make the
decision and stick
around, because we’ll be right
back after this. – Welcome back to Poker
Night Presents, Party Poker Live in
Playground Poker Club
in Montreal. And the triple
straddle’s back on. Jeff Gross calls
with the
ace, jack to an end
position. Sam Trickett raises
ten suited out of
position, this is how you wanna be
playing poker. Nine, four off not a
very strong hand to
play and the action is back
over to Jeff Gross. He’s going to at least
call, he might be debating the merit
of raising. He’s gonna call, we’ve
actually got two pretty strong hands
let’s take the flop. Both players brick
dry board, queen,
seven deuce rainbow, it
get much more dry
than this. There are no straight
draws, no flush
draws, you either hit that
queen or you didn’t, which makes it a
pretty good
spot to go for a
bluff see bet. Trickett’s gonna take
that opportunity and bets 5500 on the
flop, now we have a bit of a close spot
for Jeff. He does have the backdoor
nut flush draw, he does have some
he can turn gut shots
on, and ace gives him top
it’s a fairly small
bet. I’d like to see a
here and go from
there. And that turn is great
for Jeff Gross, he picks up the nut
flush draw, and now he’s certainly
going nowhere. For Trickett, can he
still really fire
here? He has no equity, he
just has one over
card. I don’t know if this
is the hand he wants to pick to go
to town with. Sam disagrees and
fires out
18,000 here on the
turn. Now, if you’re Jeff
Gross, you don’t call this flop to
fold this turn. So, we’re gonna see
call again, and if a
club doesn’t come, it’s
gonna be
tough for Jeff to win
this hand. Could Jeff possibly
thinking about
raising here? And he does, pulls the
trigger, awesome play from Jeff
Gross, puts so much pressure on Sam
who was trying to
bluff him, but it does not work,
and I love mixing in the raise
on the turn from
Jeff. These kinds of plays
are what separate good players
from the pack. Yong raises it up to
with quite a bad
hand, he does have the button,
but even then, this is probably a hand
he could let go. Krpan’s gonna take a
flop with ace, ten and now, Roberts in
the straddle, and the price of poker
is going up, 6400 to go with jack,
suited, a pretty
hand, makes sense to every
and then raise it up, especially if the
button’s getting really out of line
and raising
with hands like six,
four, works out in a pretty
big way. Yong has a terrible
hand, but
he is priced into
the pot, so he calls and we’re
taking a flop. And that is a flop,
Roberts flops a flush, Yong gets no piece of it
and she quickly checks over to her
opponent, setting the
trap. Yong does not fall
in. Once again, Roberts
checks, and this is always a dangerous
situation to trap. If your opponent
start firing at some
point, then you just don’t
build the pot, and you wanna, in
general, try to play big pots with your
good hands. However, if you think
they’ll get out of
line, then trapping them can
be quite good. I’m not exactly sure
what Yong is trying to do here
the turn with his
six. He’s gonna get action
from better hands and make worse hands
so I’m not a big fan
of this. Roberts now springs
life with the check
raise. Even though it doesn’t
feel good, Yong has to let it go
at this point. If Roberts has a strong
hand, he’s dead, but he’s going
and we’re taking a
river. Off suite deuce, nothing
has changed here for either player and
Roberts seems to fire
again. If you check here,
opponent’s not going
to bite, because they know you
have a good hand or a
bluff, but she needs to
fight here,
make it on the big
side and possibly get some
value from
hands like a king or
a nine. It’s not too likely
Yong’s gonna call
with a six, but you never know,
people like to look
you up. She’s reaching for
chips. 28,000 to go again on
the river, and Yong raises it up
to 75,000. Normally for this
play, you wanna have a heart in your
hand, so your opponent’s less
likely to
have a flush, but
he’s just doing it, ’cause he
does not believe her. Unfortunately, though,
does have the third
nuts. I think, at this
point, Roberts is debating to go all in
or to just call. And she goes for the
value. Lauren Roberts
a 320,000 dollar pot on her way into the lead
here on day two. Lauren Roberts digs
herself out of the
hole and is now standing
on a couple of
stacks. What are the odds of
flopping a flush on a hand you three bet
from the straddle? I have no idea, I’m
just reading
words off a
teleprompter. We’ll figure out the
math when we return. – The session’s just
kicking off and we already have
some big ups and
downs. Antonio Esfandiari up
63,000, Rob Yong down
64,000, and Lauren Roberts
fought her way back to be barely up on the
session. Next time on Poker
Night Presents Party Poker Live at
Playground Poker Club, Jeff Gross is
by one of his besties for the resties and
Sam Trickett gets really feisty
some moderate holding. If you want more Poker
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Night, I’m Doug Polk. Poker Night in America
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