I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design Random Absurd Products!

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100 thoughts on “I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design Random Absurd Products!

  1. If you put a backpack higher up the hammock and isolate the inside, you could use it as a cold beverage storage while resting in the hammock. 🙂

  2. That cheap chainsaw was actually pretty good. It was a butterfly knife chainsaw, so it was like foldable, and if all the operators were good enough, maybe they could do sick tricks with it 😀

  3. Why does the guy in the middle of the picture at 3:51 in the video look like post malone 😂😂😂like am i going crazy

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  5. I mean it's easy to design a chainsaw that takes atleast 5 people to use just give a normal chainsaw to the council 1 guy will hold it and 4 guys will stand around watching

  6. This is by far some of the most innovative ideas with practical application out there today! I rate this video… “DOPE!” 👍

  7. This is amazing and shows how the internet is now enabling small business and artisans to get out there. Look back 10 -15 years ago (maybe even less) and how would you have reached people like these to to things like this ? Basically unless you went to trade show or poured through Yellow pages you would not have managed this. Not only that, it enables you to get these prototypes for anything like the money you would have paid. Phone calls, travel, letters would have slowed it down and cost it more, amazing. Along with 3D printing it is going to open the world up. Brilliant.

  8. I hope you do this type of video more. Many people enjoy it, so do i. I've watch more then hundred of videos in this channel and, so far this are my favorite. 👍👍

  9. " clearly english is not yout first language " …
    Bruh you make spelling mistakes every minute what you on about

  10. Technically you’re not inventing anything protobot uses things that have already been invented and adds random innovations

  11. This should definitely be a series. A series would open up the possibility of inviting some of the designers onto the show.

    I'm a subscriber, and I approve this dope idea.

  12. Please give the artist something serious to work on instead of something completely random.
    Make them draw something really awesome or design something really useful, like the hammock backpack.
    Sure a random thing is challenging, but if it´s not useful to someone it´s just a waste of creative time.
    Think about the energy and creative thinking an artist has to put into something to make it really great.
    Respect that by giving them something serious to work on.

  13. you guys have got to create the wearable hammocks! both of those designers put so much creative thought into those designs. ill buy both!

  14. Honestly if I was a designer I would have made the tradmill have a clear material for the base part which actually cycles and then put a plexi screen under that glowed and then had a projector mount in the front of the handles where the machine was most stable and made it project from a USB images of different locations (I.E. sand dunes, the amazong etc.) and had misters and such that would kind of alter the experience of running.

  15. The treadmill ones I thought were interesting.
    First, I'd have fired.
    Second, I agree. I'd have left that offer on the table.
    Third, I'd draft a contract for! Brilliant idea and a wonderful execution of such a difficult concept

  16. The sound effect on "expensive artists" is THPS2 special trick sound, you deserve a like and subscribe just for that!

  17. 10:00 that's not a meme that's called 10 minutes 1minute 10 seconds challenge and youtube artists do it to get the views -_-

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