I Recorded A Song With High-Tech Invisible Drums

*bang bang boom boom drum noises* What’s up, my name is Roomie and welcome to another video today, we’re doing a new series. I wanna call this… 👏 Tech review👏 ,but it’s not any kind of tech this is music tech because this is a music channel. We don’t do things like Googling ourselves on this channel. Let’s introduce the *first* item in this series. I know it’s gonna blow your mind
it definitely is gonna blow my mind and if it doesn’t I’m gonna fake it uh.. Ha ha okay. So
the tech 👏 thing we’re gonna try today is Aero Drums and as you can see here it
is not a drum kit but it is kind of a drum kit because you play air drums and
your computer actually makes it so that it sounds like a drum kit. Let’s get it
set up. First off you need a surface that is kind of like normal table height. So I’m
gonna have to take down my standing desk. *obnoxious spinny wheel thing* Okay so the way this works is that you
have a few different things you have these drumsticks that have reflective
balls on them that reflect light, and then you also have reflective things to
put on your feet so that means that it can track your hands moving and your
feet moving. As you know the hands can play on different drums, and the feet
play bass drum and hi-hat, and this is the most interesting part this is kind
of the magic of the whole thing this is a PlayStation 3 camera that can film in
120 frames per second and lights and this light sends out light
o-obviously. And then it gets reflected on these different things and
the camera sees that and plays drum samples based on that. There we go, there is the light. Yeah, it looks sh*t. I need to make sure that I sit exactly right so
that the camera can see both my feet and my hands I can play the drums in the
program you can see here that there’s a dude and I’m supposed to match up with
the dude I don’t really have a lot of space though. Okay so we actually had to
turn off one of the video lights now because it’s super sensitive with the
lighting this lights needs to be like the strongest light around you when
you’re playing because that light is supposed to be reflected by these and
these back onto the camera. Okay let’s try it out. I’m excited.. Wow see if I can hit a Tom. It’s like
there’s a drum set there it’s crazy! That’s sick! Look at the feet.. So you can
actually see on the screen over here exactly what’s happening so like.. It’s
very exact actually about where the drums are. So cool… To me this feels way more real than an
electronic drum kit it’s crazy but like look at this. It’s crazy cool! Okay, so I
really want to put this technology to the test in this video I’m gonna write a
song that’s pretty demanding on the drummer and see if I can play it with
these I think it might be possible but I’m gonna have to practice quite a bit..
“DAYTWO” I decided to turn off all the graphics that show you how to play
because I really want to learn how to play air drums just like in the air now
I’m just gonna jam around a bit with a bass line and see if I can actually play
drums… Ugh.. Okay so one thing I noticed when I
started drumming that’s very different from normal drumming is that there
aren’t any drums and you may think that oh that’s not a big deal who needs drums
for drumming right wrong and you know why that’s wrong it’s because you don’t
get any bounce so it’s a totally different experience we can’t have to
stop the stick yourself which feels really weird when you’re used to its
bouncing back suddenly you’re just hitting air. Anyway I think I can get
used to it let’s get back to practice There is actually a way for me to take
this playing and put it into my music program because it can help of MIDI
which is the way that different music programs talk to each other that’s what
I’m gonna do “TWELVE SECONDS LATER” Okay so I’m finally
sit up in logic. So you know I’m ready to rock pretty much… Okay I think that’s
enough practice time for the final song this version of the song is mixed with
the drums really loud so you can hear everything that’s happening if you want
a normally mixed version of the song you can go super subscribe over at
patreon.com/roomieofficial and download it there okay here’s the song Watching the train go by and wishing I
could get on it.. That’s how I spent my life, just knowing I couldn’t have it. Anyone could see I Didn’t want to be me. be me couldn’t love myself or anybody else breathe, just breathe You said it, I melted, it felt so strange I knew it, that moment, my life would change just you and me together we breathe funny how you could do, what I just knew, couldn’t happen everything feels so right The future’s bright, bass is slipping, anyone could see, didn’t want to be me. Couldn’t love myself, or anybody else, breathe just breathe You said it, I melted it felt so strange, (so strange) I knew it, that moment, my life would change Just you and me, together we breathe Okay so here’s my final thoughts on
aerodrums first up this is a really cool tech and
I was so amazed sitting down with it and just feeling how responsive it was but
and this is a big but it has a lot of inaccuracies for example if you move
this thick around like this not actually hitting anything you’ll get a bunch of
tiny tiny strokes and in this final song I actually had to delete a bunch of
strokes like that just to make it sound alright a big limitation of this is that
you can’t have whatever light that you want where you’re playing so for example
going through a stage and playing with stage lights and stuff that would be impossible in
addition to this sometimes when I would hit the crash cymbals when I was playing
this song it would miss I actually have to record the final song like ten times
in order for all the cymbal hits and stuff to be noticed by the program time
to make a song in not 60 not 59 but 58 minutes.. Today I have done my
girlfriend’s a sauce shop what do you think?? I hate it.. You hate it?? Ahahaha

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