Imperial Kings Wild Project Playing Cards Deck Review

I’m the Gentleman Wake and this is a five
minute deck spotlight. In this episode we look at the Imperial Deck
from Kings Wild Project. Be sure to watch to end for info on an ongoing
contest and remember for the best in playing cards content like, subscribe and hit the
notification bell. [MUSIC] The Imperial deck was made available in two
versions. The Signature edition was only offered to
members of the Kings Wild Shorts Subscription Service and as the name implies, Designer
Jackson Robinson signed his autograph on the front of each red tuck case. The white edition is the retail version of
the deck. Both tuck cases are printed on high quality
matte cardstock paper and feature raised gold metallic ink printed in the intaglio style,
which uses etched metal plates to produce the linework. They were printed by Artistry Engraving and
Embossing out of Chicago, Illinois. The sides and bottom of the box iterate the
Designer and announce that they are printed by the Expert Playing Cards Company. The back of the box features a representation
of the back design. The works of designer Jackson Robinson have
been featured many times on this channel and are known for well thought out artwork with
strong thematic motifs. The Imperial deck is a bit different. The front of the tuck case reads Playing Cards
of the Highest Standards which implies that the deck, while indeed premium, is intended
for common use. Therefore the motiff is less pronounced than
the typical kings wild offering. Mostly the linework is meant to evoke royal
crests and banners. The tuck flap is held closed by a gold foil
seal. The interior tuck flap recalls Jackson Robinson’s
personal motto and the small tuck flaps include a reference to No. 13, a recurring element
often found on Kings Wild Project releases. The card backs feature a prominent X style
monochromatic design with ornamentation and embellishments that are reminiscent of the
cigar band style artwork of the Maduro deck, also by Jackson Robinson, however much more
minimalist. The design is printed in gold metallic ink
and includes a white poker style border. There are two small circular seals that include
what look to be hour glasses within. Which, aside from the seashell style forms
on the X itself, represent the only readily identifiable shapes, The custom faces of the cards carry over the
minimalist aesthetic. The pips and indices are smaller and more
subdued than standard. The design of the pips is also a bit more
rounded and the stems on the clubs and spades are much less pronounced. Pip placement is generally standard although
the pips are spread out a bit more. The ace of spades includes a large spade pip
with a gold metallic shining sun icon behind a banner displaying the deck name. Overall the artistic choices give the deck
a feeling of elegance that’s only accentuated by the fantastic courts. The court cards feature variants of Jackson
Robinson’s well established kings wild courts, which are frankly some of my favorite court
cards of all. The Imperial versions are striped of any coloration,
relying only on the gold metallic ink to bring out the details of the cards. I love that the court members are highly reminiscent
of standard bicycle courts, while still modernizing the linework without taking away what makes
them feel classic. Although the stylised faces are the biggest
draw, the weapons and clothing here are really cool as well. My favorites include the axe on the jack of
hearts, the royal tunic on the suicide king, the frills of the queen of spades blouse,
and the kimono style overlapping vestments on the jack of spades. The deck includes two jokers as well. Both printed in gold ink. The shining sun and a waxing gibous moon. As mentioned, the cards are printed by EPCC
and handle pretty well. They are a bit stiffer than decks by the USPCC
or Cartamundi. Still they spring, dribble and fan well. Faros are not as smooth however. The decks are traditionally cut. Obviously not a deck built for cardistry although
they could be used for magic. An elegant deck perfect for a special game
night or just for collecting. The Imperial Deck, white edition, is still
available on This is a premium deck and the $25 price tag
reflects that. Special thanks to Jackson Robinson for sending
me these decks to review for you. I don’t have an Imperial deck to give away
in this episode, BUT if you want a chance to win a half brick of decks, including a
Kings Wild Project Tigers deck, be sure to head on over to my instagram and enter the
contest in the description of my United Cardist Deck of the Year post. In the meantime comment below and let me know
if you’d like to see me do some live streams. Might be a cool way to unbox some decks that
I wouldn’t necessarily review and also to field questions from you guys to answer live. And remember, for the best in playing cards
content click here to subscribe if you haven’t already. I’m the Gentleman Wake, see you next time.

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48 thoughts on “Imperial Kings Wild Project Playing Cards Deck Review

  1. LIVE AT 5…… Great Playing Cards You need to see! With your Host: The Gentleman Wake!
    Heck ya! That would be fun!
    I dig the 5 min spot light! I actually like that they left the color out of the courts! Having less kind of gives it more style sometimes. Not all the time but this was the right deck for that. Hey, I got the cards! Thank you very much! I'll take that picture real soon. I am fighting an illness right now that's kind of thrown me for a loop. Could use your prayers if ya pray. Anywho, I have already put the deck to good use in my down time so it was a nice surprise to have a new deck show up in my mail box! Very appreciated! Keep on Rocking in the Card world!!

  2. I ordered the Olive Edition Tally-Ho deck from Kings Wild Project this past October and I received my order however when I opened it it was two decks of the white and gold Imperial decks. I called him and said he must have been asleep when he was packing it. Lol. He said go ahead and keep them and he will send the original order. So, I had that deck way before they were released to the public! Jackson is a pretty cool guy. Just signed up for his Kings Wild Shorts! Love his designs!

  3. The red deck is gorgeous! The retail deck is nice to look at as are the court cards. I really like the signed deck. Those colors pop!

  4. well done review Gentleman Wake, live stream sounds like it might be fun, but my laptop has a problem keeping up … when i get asked how old my laptop is i tell them it's the same model that Alexander Graham Bell used to email his friend that he had invented the telephone @[email protected] … But i'm sure those who can would appreciate the live stream … as always thanks for sharing … Saludos a la familia

  5. As always, beautiful review! Did you ever consider to review the Impasto deck from Obec Studio? It's one of the best decks of the last year imo, the artwork is precious. And yes streams would be great, basically every content is good!

  6. Would you consider reviewing the Implicit Playing Cards V2 from australian designer Nathan Darma? He's releasing them on kickstarter in the next few weeks & the V1's were a huge success

  7. This has got to be one of his simplest decks in terms of coloring! Still elegant though. No comment on livestreams due to timezone difference, but why not if it's OK for you? 😉

  8. live stream, yes, but I hope it will be at an hour where your international followers are still awake. haha.

    btw, the new Tom's Town deck from Art of Play looks amazing. hope you can do a review.

  9. Five minutes spotlight is better than the 2 minutes spotlight video. Would definitely join the live stream if its not late hour in my time zone

  10. A live deck review sounds interesting. I’ve seen someone do a live deck review on a deck they were excited about only to be really disappointed. It was great.

  11. As a statistical that you have surpassed magic Orthodoxy in numbers of this review. As always I love your content cardistry display and quick opinion of the quality of the deck.

  12. I don't personally care for livestreams. They are rarely convenient for me and usually aren't tight enough with content delivery. Love to own this deck, but can't justify the price tag.

  13. Nice review. Glad I have both editions and the rarest issue of the Imperials (Display edition). There were only 30 Imperial Display decks. Your descriptions always are great and I learn new things that I didn't know or observe. You have a great eye to the design.

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