100 thoughts on “In Time 2011 Film Hd Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried

  1. A great concept, but very poorly executed. I completely lost interest after some point. Cillian Murphy, however, still delivers and Justin Timberlake exceeded my expectations.

  2. Eyyy my dad actually saw them capturing a part of them running to a jewelry store which is near now a 99 cents store! And saw Justin Timberlake🤩,but didn’t recognize him until my mom started screaming at him of y he didn’t take a picture!🤬😂

  3. i say FUCK the world when i imagine my mom gonna loss hertime for nothing ,fuck you all leaders in the world,let the people live fucking free mother fucker,fuck your evebody mother fuckers leaders kings queens fucking bitches mother fuckers,hey guys if u are not angry about this you are fucking bad guy and i say FUCK YOU TOO

  4. Why would they need that big of a bank when they can just store so much time like a Hundred million into one container.

  5. 2019 time travel L.Y. Timefinnish. Earth order and instruction point discovered in this year.8nights and 7 days coutinue w3.ans in The book of travel lightscreen tab.80%earthnature burned distroy.and then Earth inside gases leaks and Earth feldown in the world and fire come on the earth.this Earth End product is Hell.only fire.and many years later on the sky some galaxies universe natural proses complete his paradise trees water fall and much more humans.but some natural sonud and resistance coming quickly come on the glaxie

  6. Why do you want to stay in a corrupt and dying world? Take my time I want to live in Glory not some run down shank town world! Comments show just how attach this society has become to this dead world. Too busy wanting to live like a cockroach in this world rather than an eagle in God's Kingdom!

  7. Well well remb bible.mark of the beast.micro chip is coming.and if you except it.one push of a button and your time goes poppppppp.out of time

  8. Watching in Philippines. .. I feel so guilty about this movie.. I'm not a very bad to my mom.. only is there some situation that..you don't want to happen but it happened…I love my mom…I'm nothing with out her… shes my life… bcuz she gave me life.. time will come it will be fine.. I will make way how to make it.. by the way.. I love this movie❤❤😊

  9. Mark of the beast.Jesus bless. Please everyone read the Gospel 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, 10:9-10, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9.

  10. it's in reverse & stuck on zoom, but i DO luv these actors. every1 knows that Johnny Galecki was in The Big Bang Theory, hell they might of even seen him in Bookies or Hancock… but… do ppl realize that he was ALSO little "Rusty Griswold" from Christmas Vacation TOO? … cuz he WAS! 👌😏👍

  11. Sao ban lam duoc phim nay ma khong bi YouTube no xoa hoac delete tai khoan cua ban hay qua vay? Co gi chi cho minh biet duoc khong? PhamAlan at gmail

  12. i did fall asleep while watching this movie. but don't let that stop no1else from watching it, it's a pretty good movie. yeah it's in reverse & stuck on zoom. but atleast the sound don't cut out & the scenes don't skip… – i luv the part where he replaces her earrings… (1:25:51 mins in) u shouldn't have..
    – good movie / good share… thanx for sharing.

  13. Encounter at 1:37:00 – Dead guy's arm has the most prominently displayed time in the whole movie: I'm wondering if this is a predictive date, like Thomas Anderson's DL expiration of Sept 11 2001 in The Matrix. Maybe April 2032?

  14. I've always loved this movie. The concept, the message behind it, is profound. Someone figured out a way to illustrate how precious & finite time is, especially in this capitalistic society…I don't see why his mom couldn't take the bus at least halfway to her stop tho, instead of running the whole way. & Idk why his friend's wife blames him for her husband'd death. He could've given that time to his wife, that was his own choice to do that to himself & his family. He gave his best friend an opportunity, hope for his family, & he trashed it. We can't control what other people choose to do with the help we give them…& I always wondered why everyone didn't go buy guns to fight the one gang that's been tormenting them for years, instead of just one guy, who turned his back on them. All of them could've just shot & killed that gang when they lined them up at the fence. You'd think the first thing you'd want if given valuable time is protection, first & foremost…& I never understood how the gang knew which room they were in, since they booked all the rooms in the hotel. Not even the desk chick could've known which one they picked to actually stay in. Ah movies, lol. Always holes, inconsistencies, & missing explanations, lol…& Is this a mirrored version? Because everything is backwards, when looking at their time clocks or signs. Like the BAR sign is backwards, the COFFEE price sign is backwards, it's just weird, I've never seen a video upload like that before & am curious as to the reason…all in all a great movie with great quality

  15. the economics of this society doesn't make sense given that the only way to generate more time to circulate in their economy is by taking it from a 25 yr. old. to break it down, for every year, any 1 person gets to live past 26, means that someone died when they just reached 25. if the population of this planet was only 16, then the most anybody can live is 40. and that' only if 1 person took the time of the the other 15 people once they reach 25.

  16. Deep isn't it? What's "time"? How valuable is it really? What did we do with it? I don't like the quality of the movie but the concept is really "way out there in thought."

  17. I wish I could live in this universe but I remembered that I spend roughly a cool 10 grand on Starbucks alone a year so I think I'm okay were I at

  18. Justin was impressive . AS where the others. IF ONLY TIME WAS THAT WAY
    i cant help thinkin THANK GOD i be gone . I HAPPY WITH 80 😉
    good movie thanks for sharing 8 out of ten 2019 /08/18

  19. Great movie,but cannot watch for athird time,although tempting.
    Mother is gorgeous,better than his girl friend.He should have given
    5 minutes to mother instead of little girl who had a year ???

  20. You can do a lot in one day 🧵🌃🏙🌆🌇🌆🏙🌃⏰👶🏽👦🏽👨🏽‍🦰👨🏽‍🦳🧓🏽👴🏽

  21. Don’t bother with this one. The sound is crap. It sounds like they recorded it inside of a tin can and the volume is low.

  22. I think this pretty much goes without saying but you should really only watch this bumped up to x1.25 speed, if you’re not enjoying the experience. I say this because I strongly feel it’s a movie so worth watching. I found it incredible. But I found the original upload speed absolutely unbearable, even tho 1.25 took a little getting used to but it’s because I had been watching it for a couple mins trying to get used to it before I gave up 🙂 then I remembered you can adjust the speed. Some of you might even prefer it at x1.50. Hope this helps.

  23. Énergie du temps de vie pour profiter mais dans les enequites nous pouvons voir toute l horreur de l injustice mener par les goinfre.Anonymiss français

  24. It's a realistic situation wherby piple r segregated through de use of money even thou in de movie time is used instead…de difference between ghettos nd suburbs justify dis

  25. this film is surprisingly one of the best films on u tube. the uploader should have given this film justice by improving the whole presentation.

  26. perspective: if we age .. and 100 years is a century..and God promised our lifes 120 years. Then is it possible that this could be viewed in the time of able and cain.


    20:00 and is time just an analogy to Gods knowing of finishing Gods purpose

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