Ivey vs Negreanu – Mind Games

hello everybody I got a special treat for y’all this is a special week because we got myself versus Phillip Horatio Jerome I be the third or whatever the hell you gon playing heads up on the PokerStars shark-cage for $1,000,000 first prize now we played a lot of poker against each other over the years but we’ve never played for a million heads-up and second place getting a grand total of zero so as much as it was a friendly banter back and forth between the two of us it was intense and it was serious because that’s a lot of money so this is one of the first key hands of the heads up and I started with roughly around 3.2 million in chips to his 2.8 million in chips he’s on the button and the blinds are 15 thousand three thousand thirty thousand sorry and he goes ahead and raises to seventy thousand be a pretty standard a little more than a been raised and I’m in the big line I’ve got ace four clubs I can do a couple things with this right this is a hand it’s good enough to three bet with but it’s fine to flat – you don’t want to always do one thing or the other especially with like suited aces in the big blind now the thing about Phil Ivey though is he calls a lot of rebates and he’s really tough to get away like he’s tough to move off the flop right so I thought against him I don’t want a three-bed bloke this pot make continuation bed haven’t called and maybe just like back so I decide to just call Daniels in with ace four clubs Daniel’s starting off for the best of it like we would expect but heads up things can get a little weird so now the flop comes Queen Queen three no suit I don’t have a backdoor flush drop and this is a spot where heads up and pretty much gonna check almost all the time so I check check ally beat continues for just 60,000 a little bit on the smaller side since he made it 70 but this is exactly the kind of board where it’s fine to do that cuz it’s kind of a hit or miss board he figures if I have nine ten or you know jack eight I’m just gonna fold in this flop 460 so why bother bending 90 or 100 when I do have it but I see an opportunity here right and I mentioned how me and Phil have a lot of history one of the things I know Phil likes to do is he likes to fight for these pots especially on paired boards it’s very unlikely that either of the Queen right so you fight hard enough and you’ve seen Phil should be capable of like raised three raised three raised rear a zhing all in on a queen queen five deuce bored with nothing absolutely nothing’s seen have done it so I know that he’s capable of just floating so my plan here was a little weird this is not standard but it’s all because I know my man I decide to check raise to a hundred and sixty K race not at all thinking he’s folding I really think if he’s calling you know if he has nine ten seven eight I think he’s calling with everything I’m check raising here because my plan is check raise check the turn call a bet check river called call a decent sized bed hopefully doesn’t go to cuckoo but thinking that the ace high is the best hand and maybe he thinks he can get me off of that or a three and I don’t think this is really a bluff I think he knows he’s raising with the best hand fill cools so the turn is a six of Hearts a complete a sling right the problem with playing the hand the way that I did is I’m not really gonna know for sure when he turned a pair like she just did so I checked it’ll makes a smart bet of $225 well as I said on the flop I was committed to calling this hand down for the most part because I know I’m a man and I know that he’s capable of firing three bullets with absolutely nothing so my hand rates to still be the best hand based on my read unless he has a queen you know a three that he’s betting which I don’t think he bet a three on the river because it’s good enough to beat um you know my my ace high and other hands like that and I don’t know that he would try to extract Asiri so go ahead make this call to don’t reverse the eight of hearts which puts a backdoor flush out there which doesn’t really play into my thought process much at all I mean sure he could have a flush he could have just nailed an eight with whatever he has but there’s so many hand combinations that he could have as I mentioned that I do be and that simple as Queen hi jack I can hi you know a whole wide range of hands he did have nine I so why couldn’t he have had ten huh right Daniel checks and phil bats so he goes ahead this time and bets 400,000 and i think at this point we both pretty much know that nobody has a queen it’s kind of that yeah I don’t have much but neither do you but who’s not much is better but to his credit he knows his man too cuz he knows I’m gonna pay him off in his fuck so he makes a really good value bet with just six gems like in this situation and that started off the heads up match in his favor the good news is the heads up match went as the way we wanted you see over there the corner the one that says shark cage that’s the trophy for champion so good job Phil second place it’s pretty good I mean you know you almost won six on the river two pair for Daniel Joel pair – peg good there you had that now you didn’t have a beat hmm good you’re not that beat did you nope Queen a nope Wow he shoots the Queen News your no 8 what also have done I don’t know I don’t know wiki look what else do you have we’ll do our play perhaps you play 6 9 on a Queen Queen 3 flop for a check race I’m using I do remember that I was gonna I’ll play well apparently yeah and you and you did you just no problem six on the three yeah but all it all felt different to you if if I miss the six it would have felt different I would have wanted me to feel different you a native person oh you had me like on a string like this that’s the thing you don’t know I got me like a puppet more I want more it’s truer amazing that’s the thing I don’t know okay [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Ivey vs Negreanu – Mind Games

  1. While it is certainly debatable that there might be better Poker players in the world, it would be
    difficult to find anyone who is consistently more enjoyable to watch.

  2. Love it! How can I watch this entire battle?
    Nevermind: Right after I asked that, the next video that played was final table. Good stuff.

  3. When a rich guy like Daniel dont get good results on hair transplant, im glad i didnt try it back in the earlier days πŸ˜€

  4. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel…do you fear Phil Ivey that much that your banter sounds like Helmuth, trying to convince him verbally of how "dangerous" you are (remember that Helmuth classic)? You look much better just being cool and being yourself, showing respect and telling others what is in their hand. Don't go Helmuth. He is a jackass.

  5. Phil loves playing Dan because they are on a pro high vibe level. Phil hates playing drunk guys. Because he loses to them, the vibes mess up his tantric flow.

  6. Ok dan… you got a special treat for me, with u vs phil… ok, I'm gonna comment without hindsight, as it happens… lets go

  7. Negreanu, Slim, Unger, Ivey, Hellmuth, Antonio, Moss, Brunson, Greenstein, and Reese…knockout tourney, 1 rebuy. Who wins, after replaying 5 times (to reduce luck's advantage)???. I think it comes down to Unger, Reese, Ivey or Daniel. Tough call.

  8. … so he makes a video to … gloat? smh Gotta love when the gloaters loose. They sooooo quiet and secluded. Better check on him to make sure he hasn't cocked the chamber and sucked the barrel.

    Jus saying. Gloaters usually give it, but cannot take it.

  9. You got some REAL charachter at the table.. You have seriously Great skills and i appreciate your Poker program, im learning a ton!
    Thank YOU!!

  10. When compared to an anonymous person sitting on the grass having a cup of tea. Out of interest how many men shave with an axe.?

  11. Excellent you can’t win every hand but you can win the tournament by good folds and betting big when you hit a monster hand.
    Timing is essential
    Daniel is positive and that’s the best way to play. When a player gets angry or upset they make bad bets on The Tilt

  12. Yo Daniel, always wondered if you guys did a side chop of the money on the side. Like 800k to the winner, 200k to second. Did you?

  13. I played pro poker for a half century. I believe Phil when he implied he didn't need the 6 because he was going to outplay Daniel. Why else would he play the way he did pre-flop/flop? I like Phil's play better but I think he made a mistake explaining to Daniel his thinking. Why give him useful info? I only do that when I believe I will never play against the person again. Even then, it's not smart, because you can never predict the future.

  14. All I know Is I've been watching you guys for 10+ yrs and when pkil gets beat on a big hand he has serious shit on his face …..


  16. Yeah sure you will tell us all your secrets. The problem is, you can tell us all your secrets and tricks 100 times, and it won’t make one bit of difference. Because the truth is, those skills, and thought processes can’t be taught, they come naturally. And either you have those skills, (strategy, math, and picking up reads), or you don’t. You and Ivey just have those skills, and have honed them your whole life. There isn’t a class or course anywhere that can teach those skills. So good on you, ya lucky bastard.

  17. These two are among the best ambassadors for the game. Never cry, never bitch, always smiling, professional gentlemen.

  18. Hahahaha so arrogant "you almost won" πŸ™‚ But being arrogant with style πŸ™‚ (and of cause i know its a joke)

  19. "The eye of a needle" is scripture quoting Jesus recorded in the synoptic gospels: I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

  20. i hope these 2 get in another head to head sometime especially in a fun event like this where they can joke around coz apart from being 2 of the greatest poker players ever, they are also extremely funny together and seem to have great chemistry

  21. Daniel has different hair all the time. Did he get a hair transplant? Not sure how he could afford it but i have my suspicions.

  22. Daniel's cocky but not too cocky. He's jokingly cocky and that's his style. He is (in my opinion the best, if not:) one of the best poker players in the world and is almost psychic on his calls. So he's aloud to be a little cocky. But, he's really just being playfully competitive. And, he's very humble and a very un-sore loser. =)


  24. I love this guy! Daniel Negreanu has ALWAYS been my favorite player. I first started watching Hold Em in the Moneymaker era. Along with the million other fans. This guy has to be one of the nicest sharks you'd ever meet. Kid Poker is always a true gentleman and a killer player. If there ever is a Hall of Fame in Poker he'd definitely be an inductee. I've learned so much just watching his technique.

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