‘Ivy League Dad Killer’ Thomas Gilbert Jr. Sentenced To 30 Years To Life: Inside The Chilling Case

>>>You said your husband was>>Yes.>>How long ago?>>Probably ten, 15 minutes ago. Ten minutes ago maybe.>>Ten minutes ago he was shot?>>Maybe 15.>>By whom?>>My son. It was nuts. But I didn’t know he was this nuts.>>That was sheli Gilbert, the mother of Thomas Gilbert, Jr., who is called the ivy league father killer who shot and killed his father in January of 2015 after a disagreement over his thousand dollars a week allowance was going to be now, he’s been charged with second degree murder and after a jury rejected his lawyer’s insanity defense, claims he’s severely mentally ill. On Friday he was sentenced to 30 years to life. We’re going to get through this headline making case. There are so many layers here.>>Unbelievable.>>What is going on?>>You have to understand that from the prosecutor’s perspective, this was someone who had the ultimate temper tantrum. He said, look, a lot of new yorkers go visit a psychiatrist. He was not so mentally ill that he didn’t know what he was doing. He was vengeful and he planned too kill his father. The judge and jury agreed.>>This defense of insanity didn’t stick.>>Here’s why it didn’t stick and we’re going to talk about what an insanity defense is because it’s super hard to prove. Why it didn’t stick is that the judge and the jury and the prosecutor all believe that when Gilbert junior went months earlier to purchase a firearm, he knew what he was doing. When he went online and did multiple internet searches for a hitman, do you know there is a find a hitman.com website. He did that several times.>>What?>>He goes to the apartment. He orders his mother to leave and says, can you go pickup a coke for me? Knowing that they never carry soda in the house so she’ll get out of the house. After the murder he shoots his dad in the head. After the murder, he stages it like it’s a suicide. And the jury and the judge said,>>We’re just not buying it.>>No way. In New York and in many states, it’s hard to prove an insanity defense. In New York, the burden is on the defense. You have to prove that you did not know the nature and circumstances of your actions, and that you did not know it was wrong. And they said, absolutely not. Here is a spoiled kid. His allowance was reduced. He was angry about it and he meant to kill his dad.>>Now, what about appeals? Because, of course, he’ll have opportunities for that soon,>>He absolutely will. And who knows what eventually will happen down the line. But the thing is a judge said, I didn’t think you were crazy then or insane then. I don’t think you’re insane now. A jury said, everything that he did before the crime and after led us to believe that he was sane. And so an appeal is going to be a real uphill battle.>>What about being sentenced to a mental facility like we’ve seen so many other people, right?>>So here’s the thing. There will be mental health counseling in prison.>>Right.>>But if they think that he’s going to leave a prison facility for a psychiatric one that’s not in the New York corrections system, that’s not going to happen.>>Wow.>>It’s incredible.>>Good to see you always.>>Good to see you.>>You break it down.>>Thank you.>>If it sounds like a movie, it will be. Guilded rage, I’m sorry, is based on this story and is in preproduction now. Thomas Gilbert will be played by bill skarsgard. You know him, he’s made popular by penny wise in the new it movies. No other details have been released just yet, but definitely going to be watching this case continue. And now maybe even the movie.

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7 thoughts on “‘Ivy League Dad Killer’ Thomas Gilbert Jr. Sentenced To 30 Years To Life: Inside The Chilling Case

  1. First off. Terrible thing to do but what made him think his dad and mom had to pay him anything. He got mad because they reduced it. He should of been thankful they didnt cut him off completely. Not their job to keep giving him money. He was over 18. Hes an adult.

  2. Yet another Entitled brat who kills the hand that fed him smh…
    Now he'll be serving orhers for a change…serving his booty to stay alive in prison..😏

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