Jeff Boski DEBUNKS Jonathan Little’s OUTRAGEOUS Claims!

what’s up guys Jeff Boski here I felt like
I needed to make a video to correct some of the things that Jonathan littell got
wrong on his YouTube video online poker in America thanks to some help from
professional rakeback calm I’m gonna debunk a lot of the things that Jonathan
littell said in his video emitted into the video Jonathan implies that making a
deposit through your bank for online poker is illegal what is illegal is
sending money into a site or out of a site using a bank it’s only illegal for
banks and other financial institutions to process internet poker transactions
and this is not even 100 percent legally clear it’s not illegal for players to
initiate these transactions almost every single unregulated and unlicensed site
has gone broke this is clearly false just look at the sites that were around
at the time of Black Friday and accept US players today Bodog Bovada yada hey
wpn and Inter tops are some examples of sites that have remained honest for the
entire duration from then until now they’re still going strong today about
11 minutes into the video Jonathan littell says here are the big
unregulated unlicensed sites Jonathan littell gives a list that consists of
ignition Bovada Bodog ACR global poker and p-p-p-poker there are a few missing
like sports betting dodgy bet online inter tops / juicy steaks and five dimes
Grande poker room Jonathan littell says talking about ignition Bhuvana Bodog now
they offer anonymous tables again you’re not gonna have a big edge if you’re
playing on these sites he is not taking into account the effect of anonymous
tables on game quality earlier Jonathan said that anon tables cater to
recreation players so what kind of game quality is
it with all these fish present far as I know people are getting cash house may
get cash outs from a random random bank or company you’ve never heard of it may
look rather shady but that’s because it is rather shady and you need to be
careful with that clearly the reason for sending funds to from unusual looking
bank accounts is to circumvent hidebound baking regulations and heavily handed
government enforcement and not because the poker sites are shady back when
PokerStars conducted business in the united states they used these fake names
on their checks too and everybody got paid this isn’t an indication of
shadiness on the part of the gaming firms Jonathan littell says next is
America’s card room this site has popped up over the last few years this makes it
seem that a CR is a newcomer to the online poker scene in actuality the
current incarnation of America’s card room launched in 2011 and its progenitor
true poker has been in continuous operation since 2001 the site goes down
once a week where they claim they’re getting attacked or something but in
reality is probably just a shoddy server DDoS attacks or directed denial of
service attacks are things that hackers do in order to generate a ransom from
large online poker sites this happens to all sites it happened to a CR a lot
around six months ago since then there’s been no problems no one lost any money
in all of this a CR reimbursed all the tournaments they had to pause or cancel
and we’re moving forward with their business model it is an unfortunate
thing when DDoS attacks happen but the CEO has been adamant of never paying a
ransom to hackers so eventually they just stopped putting these attacks in
place but I can almost guarantee you every one of these sites will close up
at some point and when they do they may or may not pay our money back so be
careful I guess this might be true for certain values of almost guarantee how
can Jonathan littell be so certain of this
here’s a little bit of historical comparison in July 2006 the top five
sites for USA online poker were party poker
PokerStars poker room calm paradise poker in Full Tilt party and Poker Stars
ended up leaving the US market but paid out every cent Oh two Americans the
Paradise poker and poker room table brands were eventually retired but they
returned the balances owed to customers in a timely way more than a decade after
2006 of these top five poker destinations only Full Tilt stiffed
players and even these users were eventually made hold America’s card room
actually has a lot of mid tier pros representing them at the moment and
playing on them please mid tier pros Jonathan littell stated that early on
people trusted Full Tilt Poker because of all the red pros they had that
promoted it well little did you know that Jonathan little was a red pro until
something happened he got caught multi accounting taking advantage of the
system as a red pro he was entitled to at least 35 dollars per hour and 100%
rake back he specialized in sitting goes and a lot of his friends played sit and
go so in a sheer act of greed he let other people play on his account to get
that 100 percent rake back and build up over $35 per hour when he was busy
playing live tournaments sleeping or otherwise he got caught and he was
removed as a Full Tilt Poker red pro I it’s just silly to play on anything very
often they may have trouble cashing you out the list Jonathan is showing is
sports betting inner tops grand poker seals with clubs poker
nitrogen his comments are unduly negative especially given the stellar
ratings in history that many of these companies have inter tops have been
around ever since before the internet existed and
one of the most reputable sports books around same with five dimes the parent
company of Grand poker nitrogen sports is probably the most well regarded
Bitcoin bookmaker in existence and it pays withdrawals same day sales with
clubs also pays within 24 hours and has faithfully honored players balances
through mitigations to two new platforms throughout the video Jonathan littell
advises people to not deposit any money that he cannot afford to lose to cash
out after a big score to not keep one’s entire bankroll tied up at any single
site etc he’s positioning this as a case against offshore sites in other words
you shouldn’t trust them with substantial sum of money they may be
alright advice as far as it goes but it also applies to all internet poker sites
offshore state regulated legal in rest of the world etc it’s recommended that
nobody trust any gaming site or in the fact any bank or other institution with
all or a large bulk of their financial resources so this isn’t really an
argument against unregulated poker the factual Corrections on this video have
been presented to me on behalf of professional rakeback dot-com check out
their site excellent affiliate work I highly recommend professional rakeback

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100 thoughts on “Jeff Boski DEBUNKS Jonathan Little’s OUTRAGEOUS Claims!

  1. Jeff await your thoughts on card player not asking a mid tier pro his advice on games in and around the wsop.

  2. I love you bro, and I've never said anything negative to you in the comments because I let it slide since everything else that you do seems to be honest and genuine. However, you clearly have a vested interest in Americas Card Room (ACR) and probably made this video in order to gain value as a representative. Phil Nagy (ACR CEO) needs to address the issue that they use bots on their site. Anyone interested in this subject can type "joeingram1 Americas Card Room" into YouTube for more information on what I'm talking about. Side note- ANY site circumventing USA law is sketchy and probably criminal. That's the reason Micon was shut down for Seals. Most of what I've just stated is agreed upon widely in the poker world. I'm not looking for a discussion on this Jeff, but I have to call it the way it is. Phil Nagy has agreed to do Papis pod, that'll be fun to listen to. Due to the politics and vested interests, no discussion here in YouTube comments can be +EV.

  3. online poker is a scam. It's rigged for higher rake. Regardless of any legality issues or payout issues or really any other issue the fact is the games are not real. It's actually impossible to create a truly random number generator. Anyone can go on to these sites and see the absolutely amazing amount of bad beats compared to live poker. It's not variance. It's not because you see more hands. Play 500 live hands then play 500 online. You will see boats over boats, straight flushes, quads, so many 2 outers on the river it will make your head spin. You don't see stuff like that live… occasionally something crazy will happen and the poker room will erupt because it's rare to see. But online it happens every few hands. It's not rigged against anyone in particular it's just rigged for rake. The bigger the pots the more they make. The quicker the tourneys the more they make. Explain to me why a 2000 person tournament online takes a handfull of hours but a 2000 person tourney live takes a week. It's because online poker is a scam. Period. Also…the software written for online poker is shared by all the major sites. It's the exact same software with a different skin on top. This stuff has been proven to have super user access and is quite hackable. The servers are not exactly the most protected servers in the world. There are more than a few videos of ex employees admitting to this stuff. It's why they won't release the code. It's why it can't be examined. It's too shady for me. I wouldn't put a single red cent online. Congrats to all those who do well online but numbers show it's actually like three to five percent of players are actually making a real profit.

  4. Little definitely sounds uneducated on the matter here, or is acting out of some malice. I actually subbed to him like a year ago and followed his instagram because I got some free poker quizzes out of it. If you want to check his insta out its filleddddd with the most common-sense spammy "quotations" he attributes to himself. His content also excessively features his kid, and I get it he's like a stay at home dad and spends a lot of time with the kid, but it almost feels like he's using it as cute kid clickbait. This type of content obviously wouldn't attract knowledgeable or serious players, but I don't believe that's really his target demographic (how can it be if he's anti-online?).

    It's undeniable Little is a good player, he's 139th on the money list on hendon mob. This, however, doesn't mean the stuff he puts out is automatically good, and he doesn't pass "the beer test" if you know what I mean…

    Also lol at sixfoot4 Pigdog and Smaze17 saying little sounds like a liberal/democrat. I mean how did you even pull that from his video? If you want to randomly pull at partisan political crap it's easy to turn the tables. Ya'll know online poker is constantly in fight for it's survival because of Sheldon Adelson…. (Casino magnate, massive Trump friend/donor, registered repub). There just wasn't any reason to bring in politics here, just saying ya'll sound as dumb as Little.

    Big fan Boski.

  5. I'm almost always ewith you….BUT on this topic I say…You have to be an absolute fool to trust electronic gambling. Humans can and will find a way to cheat for money whenever possible….and online gambling is an easy target.

  6. So I've always been a little skeptical about ACR. I know about the Bots, but I genuinely believe they are doing there best to get rid of them. I don't watch this vlog because I enjoy Boski's enthusiasm, I watch it because I can get real world information and an honest account of how brutal the daily grind is. I've never heard of Boski stiffing people or being a degen in the poker community. So in my opinion, the proof is in reputations. Thanks for providing quality, honest content. Most people just want real world facts, and you never dissapoint.

  7. Boski it was worse, I heard he's been banned from many online sites!! He's a prom queen, I guess they hurt his feelings and this is how he repays online poker with all of the $$$$$ he made! Real cool move but I'm sure in his mind it was for the good of the people. This vlog made me angry, but it had to be done.

  8. There's always problems with online poker and there always will be. I agree with him to never trust ANY site. Poker sites aren't insured like banks. You could get screwed at any time by any of them and have zero recourse. In effect, if you smoke and have problems…quit smoking…you know you'll have problems, its inevitable. If you jump off a cliff…well. Same goes with online poker…problems are inevitable. Stay as far from it as possible. Live poker basically has no problems period in regards to getting your money….all the bitching and hassle is always online poker. RUN from it.

  9. I appreciate the skill level of both jb and jl as far as the alleged dispute thats seperate from either ones skill. Ill be interested to hear jls response.

  10. Yo we were 13th and 14th in the 80k gtd last night… I screenshot it! I got to first in chips and then got shoved on when I had KK and J8 And AQ both got there.. 🤣 then lost a 3 way flip w AK vs1010 and QQ and I was out.. like a 💡

  11. I have played with him live, I don't really like him as he acts the same way at the poker table. Kind of like a know-it-all…..well not kind of like….

  12. Boski my friend you are my n strong denial, its all semantics til the Feds knock on your door.

    I love pocket Aces, but cash poker is dead only nits n nerds left no more real cowboys 🐴 🎲

  13. with as much as i play and see on pokerstars i believe they are "rigged for action" and the set ups are becoming obvious

  14. You didn't really "debunk" anything. Next time show your sources. Otherwise you're just a guy saying things.

  15. Good video. I don’t understand why people are still trying to dissuade people from US online poker. I’ve played on Ignition, ACR, and Global Poker. Never had any issues with these sites

  16. Hypothetically speaking if I make between 15-25k a year part time playing 1-2 and 2-5 does that make me a mid tier pro? If so where are my sponsors lmao

  17. WTF is wrong with little Jon? There is always risk in life. The bulk of my investments are in traditional institutions, banks, stock market, bonds etc. But even if I dug a hole or hid under a mattress, there is risk of loss through fire or theft. We have funds in 5 offshore card rooms/casinos. We manage the risk, same as with everything in life. Get a F'n life Jonathan. You are an embarrassment to yourself and more than likely, a left wing loon. BTW, I was a federal law enforcement agent for 32 years and agree 100% with Boski legal assessment concerning individuals depositing money in off shore gaming institutions. BTW, IMHO cryptocurrency is the best way to fund these accounts, using Coinbase.

  18. I didn’t know America’s cardroom was unregulated, how is that possible in America? I though all the sites in America were legal sites

  19. Is a shill for a questionable online site really the right source to debunk a well-respected pro's view trying to inform people the risks they may be undertaking if they want to play online?

  20. ACR won't even let me use my World Visa which has $50k on it. Cancelled it for no reason after one use. Lol. Joke of a site.

  21. I’d suggest adding a “Jeff Boski here” to the start of all of your comments especially on videos where you start with “Jeff Boski here”.

  22. One of the reasons I love poker is I see poker as a microcosm of life…you encounter good and bad people at a table, and unfortunately, if someone can gain an unfair advantage or edge, they will do so simply out of greed. The good news from this is, eventually, people who are shady AF will get exposed for who they truly are as a person. You can't control what others do, you can only control your own actions.

  23. I respect that Jeff didn’t make this a personal attack. He basically stated his point of view, and the one thing he did criticize Jonathan about seemed to be a response in defense of the mid-tier pro comment. Which is to be expected since Jeff is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, most successful pro representing ACR rn.

  24. Looks like there are others already on the MTP t-shirt idea. Time to get them into production. Kidding aside, I respect you both. You and JL are both positive influences on the poker community. His take on this subject is more a matter of personal opinion. Yours is about defending something you represent. I'm glad you presented your side of the argument because I immediately wanted your take on this subject after watching JL's video. Thanks for the info.

  25. You spoiled us all with your multiple vlogs per week…… I'm getting restless and need to see a deep run.

  26. Fuck the government and their constant meddling in private affairs. The free market decides what the free market gets and the government fucks it all up. We would be light years ahead if we got rid of those plundering bastards.

  27. Nah its rigged. Played at americas cardroom. Won a tourney. First thing i played for 800. Went to wothdraw. Said i had to wait 24 hours. Waited 24 hours. Then said i didnt meet rake. Played until i hit rake. Then told me 50 dollar processing fee. Not a fan of acr. No offense.

  28. Jeff, have you ever had a problem with deposit/withdraw on ACR? I keep getting an error when trying to deposit that says "Currently, this operation is not allowed". It does this for all three cashier's options. I tried to contact them for support and they gave me the generic delete cookies/chache, restart computer, reinstall. No luck. You ever have this problem?

  29. dont support his little poker school , his admitted he doesnt make anything from poker , all his income comes from books and the site.

  30. Whether they are legit or not. I’ve had some incredible, incredible consistent bad beats on ACR, bovada and global.

  31. Lynch mobbers accept hearsay as truth if it fits their mindset. It should be a major endevor for anyone to come to accept a truth. I like Jeff and he might lead me to a truth..and i appreciate that…but doesnt tell me my truths. All respect Jeff but beleiving "truths" is how Russians…and Americans influence elections etc.

  32. Well, here is my 2 cents. It is REALLY difficult to deposit on ACR. All the online sites COULD be shut down in non-regulated states at any moment, so will that happen? Probably not. BUT just to say that everything he said was false isn't accurate. He's got quite a large live poker winning bankroll, so I wouldn't say hes "not playing live poker" anymore is kind of false. Yes he is not playing as much (he just had 2 kids in the last three years) and has decided to help those of us that like to improve our games do so and also spend time with his family. Yes he made mistakes letting people use his account to rack up money. He was suspended for that, lost some money and was allowed back. He is not trying to pay some of his knowledge forward, maybe to make up for past mistakes. I like watching his content and I like JB's as well (Although he rejected my challenge on the bowling lanes, but I can understand that….he would lose). 🙂 So Let's just not start something that is past history. Yeah some of the things JL said were inaccurate. SOme people have had issues with cashing out for online poker, some have not. I choose to play on Bovada/Ignition due to the above mentioned fact that it is difficult to get ACR to take my CC (I can only use crypto to deposit) and that takes weeks to get done (buying the crypto not the deposit itself). So I hope all people can look at things in the proper perspective..we all have our opinions on things and we have to respect the opinions, even if they are skewed a little.

  33. #1 lot of Idiots so of course Im sure this video will get lot of hate on JCardShark.
    #2 Ask Around the inside Vlog community knows Boski and understands his angles and marketing Tricks/Online-Trooper Version Vlog
    #3 Some one who writes Books Vs Someone who vlogs poker at fish stakes/streams US-Poker- Not on WSOP or Legal Sites.
    #4 Some one who plays Online Poker in this "Gray Area" with any Affiliation,Patch, rake bonus- FACT 100% can not be Trusted
    #5 Lock Poker Pros who went on record saying all was on the up and up. Creditable people with REAL References. No Refund 4-28-19
    #6 Those who can't play poker, Sell poker.
    lots and lots of opportunity to take advantage of ppl like myself wanting to play online poker IN THE US. Big ROI for BOSKI

  34. I think Jonathan Little is more right than wrong in his assessments of online poker. I stopped playing online when Black Friday hit. You’re a fool if you play cash games online due to rampant cheating/collusion and bots. Tourny poker may be ok to play online.

  35. jeff Sluzinski's 845,000 in winnings, Jonathan Little 6.9million in earnings. Jeff Jonathan is 10x the poker player you will ever be lol

  36. I love how Little looks,….the guy tries to be unobjectionable in his appearance, and goes with the flow only to make grandiose claims to get attention. Weak, is how i would categorize his "GAME" of obfuscation. Weak on the facts, Weak on the uptake, Weak on the turn,… know WEAK.

  37. I can't play online poker in Minnesota without dealing with some governmental and or banking regulations. That makes it very risky

  38. Great info… well knowledge and explain so clearly..even if most goes over top this dumb Aussie head

  39. ACR just refunded me due to BOT activity. I haven't played on there in months due to not winning. I play on BOL and Igniton and have a solid winrate so I knew something was up on ACR…kudos for finding and fixing the problem.

  40. If you want Canadian Checks and pay 20% to have them cashed or play against bots constantly, go ahead. Live poker is where its at folks, thats why Jeff plays live most of the time.

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