Jesse & Noah – “Gambler’s Heart” featuring the Bellamy Brothers

Jesse: I was not as helpless as you thought when you tried to warn me ’bout those times you took risks wound up losing more than you received Jesse + Howard: I got my shit together although I may not always look the part I’ll admit I got a Gambler’s Heart David: I guess I was kind of reckless but you were never in any danger some might call me foolish spent my life chasing dreams and making wagers David + Noah: I was only trying to give you all a better start I can’t change I got a Gambler’s Heart Bellamy Brothers: And a Gambler’s Heart breaks like any other You don’t believe me just ask your mother I was only trying to play the game and top the charts Howard: You know that takes a Gambler’s Heart Noah: I must have seemed so selfish Leaving farm and family behind My hand don’t fit a shovel but it fits a guitar neck just fine Jesse & Noah: I was only trying to give myself to my art Noah: Guess I’m like you Jesse & Noah: I got a Gambler’s Heart

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