Keeping Our Baby Safe – Vlogmas Day 8

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100 thoughts on “Keeping Our Baby Safe – Vlogmas Day 8

  1. me & my friends played pandemic for the first time & won in like 10 minutes, didn't know & basically played ourselves out of cards x'D

  2. Thank you for all the skin suggestions, when we get together with my mom side of family love playing board games and games in general

  3. You should try out telestrations! It’s like if telephone and pictionary had a kid. Super fun, especially if someone in your group can’t draw 😂

  4. Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hope you all feel better soon. So glad Luke is nursing and hopefully,he won’t get sick!

  5. I've always loved board games but being an only child with a single parent, board games aren't very fun and no one wants to play if I have friends

  6. 4:34 how are you nursing in this position?!? I’m amazed!! Christopher isn’t the only magician in the family I guess🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  7. My favorite board games are temporum (time travel) and lords of waterdeep (dungeons and dragons themed board game). Your family would like both!

  8. Christopher have you played Dixit? I really enjoy the game. Very different style of game but I think that is part of what makes it fun. And pretty art in the game

  9. Have you tried the game Terraforming Mars (the game behind you at 6:27 ff)? I very strongely recomend! 🙂 I've been thinking of you guys sometimes while playing it.

  10. I hope everyone feels better. Thank you for sharing board game recommendations. A few games I can recommend are fluxx, sushi go, once upon a time (card game), stuffed fables, ticket to ride, and mysterium. My husband and I love board games and we're always looking for new ones. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Okay this is more of a card game than a board game , but it’s called we didn’t play test this at all. The game goes really fast, I mean the round can be over the first card that gets played. This is just a game me and my family like to play, it grate for all ages and makes you laugh. I could recommend this if you wanna play a game but not for very long.

  12. Catan! I love that game. Some friends of ours brought it over for us to play on game night and I fell in love with it.

  13. Great video. Ballinger family and friends tabletop gaming playlist or channel? Why is this not a thing already? Please make it so!

  14. Another board game recommendation I have is Hadara. It’s more of a strategy type game slightly similar to Stone Age but with more card building

  15. I love that you guys love board games and games in general.❤️
    Have you ever played Fluxx or Munchkin? Fluxx has a few expansions but is more of a card game. I saw munchkin on the shelf in the video when you were at the store. We enjoy those ones.
    I hope you are all feeling better soon ❤️🇨🇦

  16. Love all the board game suggestions and OBSESSED with Pandemic. My other go-to’s are Secret Hitler (the name is horrific but it’s very fun to play with a group of friends and if you like more spy games), Betrayal at House on the Hill, Mountain of Madness, and Mysterium!!! Can you tell I’m a board game enthusiast? 🙂

  17. My boyfriend and I love century! We can only find it online but you buy gems are try to defeat monsters using spells. Super cool game you all might want to try!

  18. Everyone WATCH GIFTED GUITARS!!! I don’t have guitars, don’t play guitar, don’t know how to build anything and it’s amazing!!!

  19. Dixit is a really fun game for families! It’s similar to apples to apples but it’s all with pictures! Uses a lot of creativity and is just crazy fun!

  20. Camel Up is a really fun board game! You can play with 2-8 players and you basically place bets on which camel will win

  21. Me and my siblings play Monopoly (Brazilian version) for a least 19 years and it's the same board that my brother won in 1997 from my grandparents. Is definitely out favorite game!

  22. Exploding kittens is a great card game for family who don't think they are into games! Lots of funny moments to be had.

  23. Why are the kids in the baby room. They are putting there germs like Parker’s coughing in there. Don’t let luke get sick

  24. It would be so cool if you guys did a gameplay video of board games you love because you guys play them all the time and I wish I knew how to play

  25. Absolutely love ticket to ride!! Great family competition game where the final points tally can completely change who wins! Also love Phase 10 card game, rush hour (cool one person strategy game), bananagrams, scattergories, and balderdash!

  26. Drink a lot of lemon/ginger and honey tea! A lot of people are getting sick in Portugal as well including me, it may be a global climatic problem x)

  27. I am not well-versed in the world of board games, but I really enjoy playing ‘Ticket to Ride’ with my cousins- they have a lot of board games, but this is one that we play a lot. It’s really fun!

  28. I love games so much! We avoid complicated games. I loved Carcossone Junior, but when I tried to play the adult version it was so hard! I didn’t get it. We play Pandemic with a friend who is so good at it, Hewitt says he thinks the CDC should call her in the case of a real pandemic.

  29. Yess the running gags are my favorite! The “good burp” one and my other fav was “it’s really gooood” by Jess’s Dad😂 love following your holiday season guys!

  30. I love Catan I have the normal the first one that is red and have played the German version with friends. Also my friend is obsessed with pandemic mobile

  31. Thank you, Christopher! You introduced my family to Pandemic and we love it. I was wondering about Legacy, so now, I know we're getting it this Christmas!

  32. I should be a doctor because all out of all those bored games Pandemic seemed intresting to me. I have really been getting into Uno my friends and I play that all the time.

  33. My family’s FAVORITE board game would have to be Exit: The Game. think of an escape room, but in board game form! You have to work as a team to escape whatever situation you are in. There’s multiple volumes at different difficulty levels. Super fun!

  34. HIGHLY recommend Villianous if the kids like Disney! Super strategic like these other games you recommended. Love love love

  35. One of my all time favorite games is King of Tokyo and I think that your family would absolutely love it!!!!!! Everyone plays as a different monster/alien/robot character and you’re all against each other trying to take over Tokyo, eliminate the other players, and be the last one standing to be, well… the King of Tokyo!! It can be a little confusing when figuring out how to play at first but you catch on super fast and then it’s so easy and so so fun!!!! I would highly HIGHLY recommend ❤️

  36. My favorite board games are Sheepland (good for older kids; box says 8+) and Evolution: Climate (super fun, but lots of rules! Possibly frustrating for kids; box says 12+). I also love Photosynthesis!

  37. Have you played “Ticket To Ride”? I think it’s fairly similar to your style of games. We also enjoy Oregon Trail, if you haven’t played already, you should. Love your family! Merry Christmas

  38. As a nursung mom I always hope to catch any illness going around first, so I can pass on antibodies before baby has any symptoms

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