Kentucky Derby 2018 Best Bets video picks: Predicting the superfecta finish

Hey, Dustin Hockensmith here from Penn
Live coming at you from Penn Studios with your kentucky derby best bets.
Here’s what I got for the superfecta for the big race. I’m going to predict the
top four, take it for what it’s worth. Let’s start at number four. Mendelsohn at
five-to-one odds. I like what he did at the UAE Derby. He won by 18 plus lengths.
That race, not always the best indicator of success for the Kentucky Derby, but
still this is a really good horse. He should run near the front of the pack. One
strike against it I think: I don’t like the number 14 post that he was stuck
with earlier this week. Number three: I’ve got My Boy Jack. really a longer odds
horse at thirty to one. I do like his experience; I like the speed. I think that
at some point here a closer is going to gain some ground late because I think
the pace is gonna be fast. I like My Boy Jack to close late, not get there at the
front, but placed at third. Justify, the race favorite at three to one, I’ve got
him coming in at second place. Look, I think there are a lot of variables in
his path to victory here, not the least of which is the pace that I mentioned
before. The fact that he has never raced outside Santa Anita. I think that in the
end, he’s not going to quite have enough because I think Audible at eight to one
odds, and not just because of the odds, I think speed is on his side. I like the win
at the Florida Derby at the Holy Bull Stakes. I think this is a horse that’s
trending in the right direction. Eight to one in the early line. A good post
position for the way he wants to run in the number five post.
I’ve got him to win so Mendelssohn at four, My Boy Jack at three, Justify coming in
at second and Audible coming in at first at eight to one. If it unfolds that way with
a couple little long shots there I think this could be a nice little superfecta.
And that’s my pick for the Kentucky Derby. I’m Dustin Hockensmith.

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20 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby 2018 Best Bets video picks: Predicting the superfecta finish

  1. Lol your super has no shot….Good Magic Hofburg one or the other will win the derby bred to get the distance.

  2. Justify the freak In the S.A. derby Bolt d'oro came after him he look over and run away. No whip needed with Raise a Native blood line he goes long short it don't matter. All the other will see is his big ass getting smaller.You may see a new track record.

  3. You guys got it all wrong. It's Firenze Fire winning at 50-1, Instilled Regard 2'nd at 50-1, Combatant is 3'rd at 50-1, and. Justify is 4'th at 3-1.

  4. I commented on your other upload before I ran across this one so please take them with a grain of salt. You have gone out on a fairly sturdy limb and my feelings echo yours – it's just the role players that differ slightly. I won't offer my changes to your list but can wish you good luck.

  5. I'm picking Mendelssohn, Audible, Justify, Good Magic, then either Noble Indy or Flameaway for my Super High Five. Good luck everyone!

  6. Throw darts at a dart board. I took my wife's 4 numbers 3,7,12,16. We will see what happens haha

  7. Weird vid and even weirder the way you stated, your super bet order of finish.
    Mendelssohn-Justify 1-2. Yawn

  8. The weather,will mess you up,even my boy jack,will bounce,good magic,bounce,European crew,jet lag,it's all about the #9.

  9. Well, this guy was ALL WRONG! So much for his picks. After all, it's a freaking Horse Race folks!!…………….

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