Kentucky Derby Betting: Everything You Need to Know

>>NARRATOR: [ELEGANT MUSIC] Ahhhh, the Kentucky
Derby, the most exciting two minutes in sports… the tradition, the Spires, the roses, the
sound of thundering hooves exploding out of the iconic gates.>>NARRATOR: Wait a minute [GATES OPENING]
— it’s Derby Day, and what that really means is that it’s party time, and we’re
going to tell you how to throw the ultimate Kentucky Derby party—from the food to the
bets and everything in between.>>NARRATOR: First, you want to make sure
you have all the trackside accessories to feel like you’re at Churchill Downs. The ladies need a hat the size of Kentucky,
and the guys will wanna hoof into food that would make even the Colonel blush. And finally, let’s not forget drinks – the
all important drinks. Nothing says Kentucky Derby like mint juleps
and beers as you watch the most storied race in the world unfold.>>NARRATOR: Now the mood is set, it’s time
from some race day strategy. California Chrome won the 2014 Derby starting
five off the post, and although your wife’s annoying friend Sheila is definitely not a
three year old, it’s best you stay at least 5 lengths away from that filly, especially
as the cocktails start flowing and the night begins to turn for home.>>NARRATOR: But what really dials up the
excitement of Derby Day is betting on the run for the roses. If straight wagers are what you’re looking
for, you can place a bet on a win, a place, or a show. For a win, you’ll need to correctly pick
the first past the post, a place pays out when your horse finishes in the top two, or
the top three for a show.>>NARRATOR: For a shot at a big payday, try
an exotic bet like an exacta, where you’ll need to pick the top two in order, a trifecta
– the top three in order – or even a superfecta, the top four horses in order, which, if it
hits, will have you telling your friends all about it, much like Sheila and her new-found
Vegan lifestyle.>>NARRATOR: So leave the mundane behind — hit
the Racebook to place your bets and keep checking Bovada for the latest odds and insights on
this year’s Kentucky Derby. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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