Kulas: The Game Changer, Effects of Online Gaming

Kulas: The Game Changer
Effects of Online Gaming Are you an Online Gamer? Wow! Why are you playing Online games? Because of your environment? Or because of seeing newsfeeds on social media sites? It can also because of your friends? In a survey it estimated over two million
Online Gamers and that’s in Asia only. And according to a study Nine to ten years old are becoming part of online gaming community an online gamer I am Kulas join me to explore the world of gamers -Are you ready?
-Let’s go! Kulas: The Game Changer In province
where urbanization is not yet common. Kulas is known
being cheerful. vigilant and energetic.
00:02:41,909 –>00:02:43,831
That his parents are very proud of him
Mang Ben And Aling Lusing
which their single child Inay
I’ll help you there. Oh Kulas, there you are,
Your dad just got here. Son, you need to rest early. your graduation is tomorrow right? But before let’s eat it first. -Oh son, it’s evening. You should take a rest.
-But But my entrance exam for scholarship is tomorrow too. I might failed the exam
if i will not review. Maybe your body have fallen
when you do not have enough rest. Mom you’re so funny.
But later i’m going to sleep. Ohh okay, goodnight!
Take a rest! Moving-Up Ceremony Itay, im a bit nervous.
I don’t know why. Why are you nervous?
it’s your Moving Up Ceremony. And besides that you are the best in your class Earned the first honor title
in the general grade of Grade 10. Niccolo D. Ocampo Inay! Itay! I have a good news for you! We’ll be glad to hear that Kulas! Our professor said that I congratulate you Kulas because you finished
your Junior High School. So that
Many universities offers you scholarship on Manila. Really?
I can study in the city? Yes Kulas, it’s important for your parents to know it
so we know whether they would like it or not. Well, thank you very much Mr.Principal. The city is so far from here, but if it is your choice
we will support you. And we know you can do it
Just take care always. I promise, I will careful always.
And i will study well there. and I will never disappoint you Thank you Inay!
Thank you Itay! Oh Mr. Ocampo im glad you’re here now. How are you sir? Just call me Kulas sir. Anyway Kulas, how are you?
Doesn’t seem Mang Ben and Aling Lusing are here? They’d not come This is the bus, let’s go Niccolo. Knock knock. Sir, good afternoon,
Im glad that your here early. Because Kulas early arrived.
Oh by the way, he is Niccolo Ocampo, he is one of the chosen scholars like you. Im Fred, It’s fine here Kulas.
Surely we’re going to be happy three here. Professor, you’re here.
How are you? I am Buchok. Because you already know each other,
I will leave now. And I still have a lot to do in school as well as your requirements. Bye Prof! By the way, What course will you two take? Me, i’ve always wanted to develop
a computer application. -It’s a good idea,
-I want to be a game developer, How about you kulas? Hmm, I still don’t know. *shocked* If that so. Want to take a like ours program?. That’s right, it’s easier for us
to finish because we can work together! Yeah right! Tsk tsk! Fred you’re playing again? Tell me that, after you play it. Why are you still awake even it’s so late at this hour? Wait i’ll show you. Hmm guys! I’ll go first It’s so late now. What time is it then !!! It’s first day of school! Good Afternoon sir. Sorry we’re late. No classes? The class is over. But there is an homework. Then we can go home now? Look Fred! Do you remember? Hahaha! Of course, no one can forget that Why? What’s that? Eunoia, the New Battle! Let’s go Kulas! Join us playing Eunoia. Can i rent for two hours? Maybe next time.
We have to get things done right away. You really wanna play that now? Just do it for a later. Hm, Sorry. I have to go. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh why? This Rare Quest on Eunoia oh!
But it seems so hard. May I see! It’s easy! I’ve had encounter it to other games. I’ve got almost of it, this is just the last one. We’re here. Oh, you’re still not done there? Yes. Oh, this is the quest previously. Yes right! I will teach you this. They return to the computer shop There! there! At your back. Yeah! We’re so pro. Wait! What are they saying about rare quest last night? Hey Kulas, let’s eat now. Okay, okay! I’ll be there wait. Hmmm, okay. The fra-a-a-a-ame! Woooh! Thank goodness! Tsk tsk tsk! They’re here again. There! there! Wait, There’s no one here. You’re so weak! But there’s no one there. What is this! Not in the timing!
Add two more hours here. Bro! I don’t have any money now, this is just for our food! The world is a war, let’s finish it! How are you Kulas? Im fine here. Right, where is Fred at Buchok? Uhm prof…. I’m here to show them their weekly performance … My stomach aches. What is the cause of your illness? Ahm because of… Then it’s eleven in the the noon
and im so hungry that time. But it might be that the Journey Bonus will be cut if we stop playing. Until the evening had to be over
the case we got home. . . I will go now sleep. Are you going to eat Fred? Im so tired, maybe just tomorrow. Now you know! Get your lessons
that playing too much is harmful. In addition to neglecting your studies as well as your own It’s not bad to play but it might have a limitation
and balance yourself, study and play. Kulas? Do you play well too? Ahh yeah, but just once if there’s still no school works
but it’s still fun. Oh? How are you doing that? Most of teens says.
“You only live once dapat ang lifestyle”. But this does not mean doing everything else
by limitation such as playing online games. Remember, everything thats too much is bad. According to a gamer, “Inspiration should come from the real life experience.” Don’t go with the flow. be an instrument to change. Be Kulas, The Game Changer

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