100 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Official Music Video)

  1. Lady Gaga totally sealed her place among global music's all-time greats with this song. Intelligently written pop song, brilliant choreography and music video conceptualization, coupled with her own better live performances of this single across her career.

  2. Hz.Hoheit.












    Halte von mir

    Bad Romance..!!!

    ab stand von mir..!!!

  3. Purée ça date!
    Que les français et tout le monde en 2019 jusqu'à 2050 se manifeste en appuyant sur le petit pouce en bas à gauche de mon commentaire (comme ça, plus d'excuses pour ne pas liker)!

  4. 2009 song made
    2010 I was born
    2012year I liked
    2013 bad year
    2014 ugly year
    2015 I hated this song
    2016 I fell of my seat after fire in video
    2017 grumpy year
    2018 I almost broke my ankle
    2019 I drunk red bull

  5. Absolutely not "totally unique". The video steals plenty of ideas from plenty of sources.
    As far as the music and its eventual qualities, the less said the better.

  6. Little Sabriye greedy to me who drove a Bubble is now a servant. rats must tell sabriye about mercedes and siad, sick one kidnapping people and sending them to Somaliland. Cars! Why must everything be about cars?

  7. Is lady Gaga a tranny, we all have money riding on it. It looks like it, or one hell of an ugly gal, to have that kind of money and still look like that.

  8. This song is so good! I feel like in 2009 people just thought Lady Gaga was crazy, but compared to all the new trash music we have now, this song is treasure!

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    Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Official Music Video)

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