Lag – Epic NPC Man (glitching and lagging in online games with high ping) | Viva La Dirt League

Here comes Akabone. WHOA!!! AAAAH!!! 🎵 Yeah, Epic NPC MaaaAAAn-ah!🎵 Aaargh! (shouting director’s commands) That’s good.

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100 thoughts on “Lag – Epic NPC Man (glitching and lagging in online games with high ping) | Viva La Dirt League

  1. PowderClaws please!!!!

    The one rpg problem that I havent seen yet is the one from Diablo 2 expansion, was when trying to get the quest done and everyone gets the quest finished but yours says it wasn't completed, or from Baldur's Gate mainly, was when NPCS dont talk to you and you have to restart the game to get them to talk, or skipping steps in doing quests, you don't get it done, because a thing or two was missed. Or the worst of them all, lost internet connection

  2. For me two  fun thing to do is 1. Smash all the pots, crates and furniture just to get other items and coins etc…..much like the rats. 2. Exploding red barrels, even when there is no need to.

    I'm also finding the mimic chests and demon walls in Nioh highly amusing from a RP/NPC perspective, just ya casually standing there and an adventurer stand in front of a seemingly ordinary wall, when all of a sudden said wall opens up it's eyes and said adventure start to perform seemingly random moves/emotes. IF they are lucky the wall crumbles away to reveal treasure and secret rooms, if not and the choose the wrong emotes that wall sprouts arms and tries to squash them.

    Also on the off chance that you are still using gamers name tags in the video, my gamer tag is the same as my YouTube one……EvilBlondGoth.

  3. Wow. Well imagined! I've been lagged and even booted, as I'm sure we all have, but nothing like that! 😀 Thanks!

  4. Are you still doing the "name in an episode thing"? I'd like to see my DariaOxo character in your show! Keep up the great work!

  5. Is there one of someone going back to their own corpse to reget their gear yet? Because i always thought that would be odd from an npcs perspective.

  6. scary thing, google chrome decided to play along during this video. Apparantly this video caused chrome to slow down, hamper the video, and eventually crash. Had to use taskmanager to close it…
    I'm thinking of deleting chrome anyway, since youtube has had very poor cooperation with it, anyway (as well as other websites)

  7. I was blowing on my cup noodles to cool them off and I blew it right in my face when I say them swap places in the behind the scenes clip.

  8. So I'm marathoning this Epic NPC Man now… and I can't stop laughing!
    I'm putting that Notifications Button on X-D

  9. i always hated that when people would come onto a game with the most ridiculous pings!
    you would ask that player to leave and they would get so mad about it!

  10. I remember that from Dungeons and Dragons NeverWinter. Great game. The lag could really suck at times, though.

  11. That reminded me of my time in early City of Heros – lag teleporting especially when traveling. Got in to strange places that way.

  12. Oh, no! You've been exposed to a lag spike, and a glitched player has grown out of your stomach!

    What do you do?

  13. Greg: Adventurer, please help me!! There's an adventurer who seems to be cursed to move around the places in an abnormal sense and seems to be a ghost. Please assist him.

    You: Accept.

    Your current quest: Get this noob a better Internet connection.

  14. This reminds me of the times in Halo Reach where you needed a special kind of bad lag to make you a living corpse in online play. You couldn't do much because you'd be weaponless, and once your body despawned there really wasn't much of respawning going to happen and just spectating

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