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  1. My brother has Asperger's and I sincerely hope John (Jon?) has the happiest life. I'm sure he does. Honestly, we are fortunate Asperger's doesn't have a severely aggressive symptom because they're SERIOUSLY smarter than "regular" people.

  2. I apprehended two LARPer's one time. Granted they were using actual, as in real life, full sharpened steel claymore two-handed swords and damaged a shit load of public property and buildings.

  3. the difference between this and ppl who just sit in their houses gaming all day is that the larpers actually go out and meet friends in real life.
    i would never larp but that's cool

  4. 8:45 whoa Jesus I wasn’t looking at my phone Then when I did I saw that creature and it scared the shit out of me however it’s sister and gigantic titties and that is all right with me

  5. This has got to be a spuff…'s like a real life comedy documentry….. it's gotta be lol …… if it isn't then someone has to produce a movie or something like this it's to good …..I've been laughing the whole time

  6. I had a co-worker with aspergers and he is just like this dude. I tried to connect with him but its just impossible to do so, he always sat on his own and was reading manga or some other Japanese stuff all day. So its good that people like him have stuff like this, they can actually connect with people who think and act like them.

  7. I respect these people because they do what many can't even think of doing; they seek their own fun and purpose in life, something many are too shy and nervous to do. Its admirable to see their devotion. I only wish the best for them.

  8. I larp with Jon all the time (seventh kingdom, Lost Valley Legacy, and Faeglen). I've fought shoulder to shoulder with him in shield lines against hordes of undead, and I've fought against him, playing as a goblin warrior. I'm glad to know him.

  9. To everyone being negative in the comments, fuck you 🙌 your father smells of elderberries and your mother is a hamster 😠

  10. If anyone struggles like he did, just contact a geek, weeb, or anyone who fits that pool of people. We understand how it is to suffer from society’s standards and will accept anyone who wants to have friends. If you need a family, we got you fam. If you need a friend, we will be there. Never be afraid to come to us, we will treat you right.

  11. Got out of larping since most people in my area are just way to weird for me. Yes we are all here for some fun no need to try and give me a wedgie while I’m changing into my outfit while another person sings frozen to me. No need to get mad at me if I disarmed you since you don’t know how to hold a war hammer and we are in battle then spray paint my gear 3 hours later. And no I don’t want you to suck that hotdog and I could be the dirty second hotdog after. I’m not interested for the millionth time. Larping should be fun and ok why are we suddenly trying to oh shit you are sacrificing that goat. Maybe that last one was just that groups. But yeah I got a perfect zombie killing outfight.

  12. I've been LARPing for around a year and a half and I can honestly say it's a second family. They're all amazing people that all go to an event where they can all be together and have fun. People unfortunately don't understand that it's one of the most fun things that ANYONE can do. It's just amazing to go away for a weekend and be someone else and somehow fit in and feel at home. If anyone at Herofest sees this, I love you all!! xx

  13. As easy as it would be to just flame these folks, they aren’t hurting anybody, and they look like they’re having a blast. Good for them!

  14. Totally true, LARPing has saved my life too. I love the video content and the video title, it's just like the shirt that I bought the other day "LARPing Saved My Life" It's so cool, I wear it so often. I leave here the link of the shirt just in case some Larper like it, sure is going to be once of your favorite shirts. Click Here:

  15. My Partner used to be really into D&D, LARP & RPG when he was little into high school. When he met me, who taught me how create a character & through our 18 year relationship has helped me to overcome a lot of challenges with my mental health & depression.

  16. My first video is me as a Spanish conquistador. I'm not LARPing because I AM Spanish, and I was enjoying my national, racial and cultural European heritage.

  17. That last part about attention to humans being sunlight to a flower hits way too hard for 1 in the morning 🤣 it’s so well said and relevant I just can’t even rn

  18. I live by there folks I walked up on them hunting one time and they almost shitt themselves they were not expecting to see someone with a shotgun they have since moved to different area in woods and stopped going out during buck week

  19. After seeing that beautiful girl singing at the start I'm all about getting into LARP now haha. But really though, that girl was very pretty.

  20. I wonder if that guy with autism was like that before or after his parents got him vaccinated? Its almost unbelievable of all the sad stories of these poor people who's children were fine until they got vaccinated. It's a freaking pandemic, so look into folks & spread the word of the dangers of vaccinations. It's a crime against humanity

  21. As a person with experience dealing with people who have autism, I just don't understand why people make fun of autism. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them.

  22. i adore fhis good for him! i think Jon is even more courageous than his character and i admire these people for accepting themselves and each other.

  23. SO yeah idk this is really cute and all but gives a wrong impression of how gritty Larp can b. So we used to go all out with dropkicks to wooden shields here in Europe, they get down and dirty at the Festivals, too. Legendary is that story of an "ogre horde kidnaps group of maidens" storyline where the maidens spent the night in the ogres camp and I heard there was a lot of Ogre ballsacs pumped dry that night.

  24. Most education systems have failed to there standards and to ours as society. I'm sorry for what people have done to you buddy, just know not everyone is bad or judging you are my equal and I am yours just as we all are. He should have been a part of the entirety of the school population that way people get to know him and he gets to know people, the schools failed the parents and the child. Not all schools are like that east gaston was a decent school all of the people who had disabilities or off a below average learning level were in the same class, also they were all in different regular classes to be introduced to the student body so they could be apart of the everyday system, we didnt tolerate bullying or any of that childish bullshit either. On sight if you started teasing or getting physical with someone who has mental or physical disabilities, you were gonna get your ass stomped, period.

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