Learn the CRAZY 4-ACE TRICK – Gambling Tutorial/ Q&A

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100 thoughts on “Learn the CRAZY 4-ACE TRICK – Gambling Tutorial/ Q&A

  1. Alex, your magic/sleight-of-✋ is so 💪. CANT but 👀 you head upwards to 100K and beyond 👽! Subscribers.

  2. Alex I enjoy your videos, so much to learn from you. In this video you smiled (seat Bo) do it more often, you are the most dedicated magician I know. High respect Alex.

  3. Yo Alex you know I love your Vids. The Q&A the tutorials the sights and awesome shots and editing. But by far what takes your videos over the top, is Beau's sweet moves!!!

  4. Well, first it was a very interesting video with some interesting questions and (mostly) elegant answers.
    Second, there are some nice subtleties to get from that 4 Aces trick handling you do ; having that view on your hands help mines getting better, thanks.
    Third, if Beau keeps dancing in your videos he might develop an addiction to it and start photobombing/videobombing other magicians' social medias.
    And lastly, as always thanks for sharing your thoughts and passion about magic the way you do it. Have a great day !

  5. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you liked Beau's dance moves! #roadto50k – ALSO, Summer FUN Pack now available at a crazy price for a limited time. Ok that is all, happy Sunday 🙂

  6. When my pops taught me to play guitar, he always instilled in me that I could always be better. Never think I know a song perfect, it can always be better. Magicians or anybody passionate about something should get into that mindset and not forget.

  7. Hi, alex pandrea… I'm thyrso and I'm from brazil.unnnn… Actually I'm a bad and good magician. And my english is the worst ever!!!! If you can, say hi to me:)

  8. Your table cut break is much too large. Also the lack of crediting is bad.
    I mean
    How hard is it to say
    Charlie Miller
    Dai Vernon
    Johnny Benzais
    Fred Robinson

  9. How do David Blaine's sunglasses stay on when he's upside-down like that? That's some serious levitation right there.

  10. Whats messed up is he still cant get a girlfriend. Its alright bro. One day. Even a broken clock gets laid sooner or later.

  11. I would not notice that it was the old you if you never told us. Or maybe its just because you had long hair and shaved face way back.

  12. I love this guy and I love magic, but I feel like I’ll never be good enough. I’ve become decent enough at the double lift… but now what? If anyone has a suggestion as to what I should learn now, please share!

  13. Just subscribed. Been following you for a while. Quick question. Why do Youtubers always seem to run out of battery. Make sure it’s charged or carry a spare before you shoot. Seems obvious to me but then I’m not a Youtuber. Interesting channel for me as I like magic and am a card collector. Good luck on the road to 50,000.

  14. Sir u let me down you forgot the great bill malone his patter for his tricks is so awesome but i agree with derren brown been number 1 the most influential magician of my time i think most other magicians would agree aswel

  15. okay whatever lens you’re using is fucking amazing. the dof is almost like you edited it to be like that.. 12/10

  16. Anyone out here who can help me? The trick at 6:46 how does he do that?? Any explanation? Or name of the trick?? Please contact me on instagram ; Robin Tzontchev

  17. Go away, you're in the shot. Ok, now come back. No really, I need to be alone. I'm kidding, come over here. Hahaha 😀

  18. I agree with you on that there is always room for improvement. For me no matter good I do a trick I still think I can do better no matter how many compliments I may get.

  19. Alex, I really enjoyed everything about this video. You and Beau interacted smoothly. Question/Answers very pertinent to today's Magic scene. Your card work …as always, exceptionally well done.
    And young Alex interviewing David Blaine was a Kool touch.

  20. Is there any way you could make your videos shorter…. We're not really into these especially when we're in a hurry.

  21. that magician problem is really true for me. I've stopped performing for months, but now on, I'll get back to work. Thank you a lot Alex

  22. Alex, you're the man! Love your videos! Your topshot is soo good.. I think the key sell is the initial non-fire. all of your presentations are baked with these golden nuggets if you watch closely enough

  23. Whats the reference for the datejust on your wrist? It has a vintage look to it with a champagne dial and fluted bezel. I absolutely love it!

  24. Hello
    I am Paweł Hołda from Poland. I am sending to You my trick for download:
    Or for watching on YouTube: https://youtu.be/1BBOmbC98BA

    My trick with secret is in Magic Castle for free for everyone.
    And if I have a chance, You can learn this simple trick and show with your performances.

    Magic Castle:

    Paweł Hołda

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